Upworthy’s November call for pitches

The latest call for pitches from Upworthy. Send pitches to pitches@upworthy.com.

Hi freelancers,

It's been a great second month in the land of Upworthy freelance!

Thanks to all of you, we've read through hundreds of thoughtful pitches. We've published stories from you about everything from a Philippine refugee camp, to black cats that desperately need adoption.

Your work has helped us drive hundreds of thousands of views to content that matters. Bravo!

This month, there were a few stories in particular that really resonated with our audience.
We want to call them out. Drumroll, please…

Cheers to these surprising, visual, meaningful, and shareable stories! More of those, please!
On that note, we're looking for coverage in some specific areas during the month of November. These include…
Education: Think along the lines of Michelle's Forest Kindergartens story. Where can we go to see innovative new education initiatives? Places that are doing amazing work? Surprising tools for learning that actually lead to a better education experience? Send those ideas our way, please!
Good Deeds: We're not looking for profiles of do gooders here (we actually don't publish profiles). Rather, we're looking for narrative stories that teach us about people helping other people. You know – the awww-worthy stuff. It's the stuff that makes you tear up just a little bit. The stuff like this.
Humanity FTW: Are there businesses that make you think "wow, more companies should be like that"? What about people who restore your faith in humanity, even if it's just for a moment? That. We want to read about that.
[We're also interested in stories about personal financeprisonsaging, and military life.]
The holidays are also coming up fast, so we'll be picking up some extra content to "hold" in our arsenal for the times when our staff writers might be on vacation. If you have any amazing holiday stories or evergreen pitches that we can hold on to for late November/ December… we want 'em! Send 'em!
Alright. That's it for today, folks.

We look forward to hearing from you this month.
All of the best,
The Upworthy Team

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