New online mag focused on global development and culture seeks pitches

New online magazine, Broken Toilets, wants your pitches. Details below. -Mia

Broken Toilets is an online magazine that presents independently reported stories and features about global development and culture in a frank, critical, and engaging way. Broken Toilets examines areas such as humanitarian aid, conflict and emergencies, migration, social justice, political change, public health, infrastructure, finance, climate change, and the environment through stories that draw out the implications for people and communities.


We’re interested in how change happens – change that results from initiatives executing global goals, organizations working through philanthropy and social enterprise, and the local practices of citizens, civil society and community groups. Broken Toilets content is driven by topic rather than by geography, rejecting outdated categories in order to cultivate a view that aims to be truly global.


Each month, the magazine publishes thematic issues presenting views from multiple contexts and contributors. Stories are told through a variety of genres, including short and long form journalism, multimedia, and cultural narrative. Our blog runs simultaneously engaging readers with additional curated as well as original content in the form of news stories, commentary, interviews, dispatches, videos, and images.
We plan to launch in February 2016 and have announced our call for pitches for the first few issues. Subscribe to this free magazine and/or pitch us a story! 

Emily Madsen

Founder, Editor

Twitter: @brokentoilets

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