Ready, Set, Produce! KCRW 24-Hour Radio Race

First ever Radio Race, from PRX and KCRW. This is way cool. Register by Aug 16, race begins Aug 17. On your marks…


PRX is excited to share the news about one of the coolest projects this year:

KCRW's 24-Hour Radio Race

Producers of all experience levels from all over the world will have 24 HOURS to write, record, and edit a non-fiction radio story.

Winner receives $1000 prize, plus other goodies.

On Saturday, August 17 at 10AM PT, contestants will be emailed a THEME. They will then have 24 hours to create a story that somehow relates to this theme.

Halfway through the 24 hours (at 10PM PT), contestants will receive another email with an optional BONUS ELEMENT, which they can choose to incorporate into their story for extra credit.

By Sunday, August 18 at 10AM PT, their finished piece must be posted on Soundcloud for judging.

Join radio producers all over the world for a whirlwind 24 hours of high–stakes radio making.

Click the button below to register. Registration is $10 per team. Learn more!

Registration closes on August 16th at 12AM PT.

POV Hackathon, NYC July 27-28

A few spots left for the POV Hackathon this weekend! -Mia

Hey docu-programmer-y-creative-type-awesome-peoples, heads up! There are last-minute slots open for a designer and a developer experienced with HTML5, JavaScript, Popcorn and/or online video to participate in P.O.V. Hackathon 4! If you're interested, or know someone who is, *whether they are remote* or in NYC, please share!

From @POV:

POV Hackathon 4 is this weekend in New York City (July 27-28) and it's a unique opportunity to meet and work with storytellers and technologists at the forefront of non-fiction media.

If this is you, contact us at hackathon at pov dot org! Or if you know someone who should participate, please share this post!"

Pitching Latino USA, Our One-Hour Sound

Great news from the team at Latino USA. Details below! -Mia


Dear reporters/producers/contributors,

The team at Latino USA is happy to let you know that as of September 6th, we will be expanding to a new one-hour weekly format! As part of the expansion, the staff has been working hard to build a new sound, a new brand, and better coverage of recurring topics.

The show in general will still focus on Latino issues and the concerns of people of color and other minorities, including immigration, arts/music/culture, questions of identity, and life in cities (particularly those with large or growing Latino populations). So keep those pitches coming!

However, we're also trying to switch up and improve the sound of these pieces, whether they're interviews, produced pieces, or postcard-esque bits of sound. Key to what we really want:

• LOTS of ambi, which gives listeners a strong sense of place. Location, location, location.

• Stories that get right to the tape (rather than reading), especially at the top, with fun or surprising bits dropped in to keep a listener hooked.
• Idiosyncratic characters, sometimes with unique ways of speaking.
• Stories where the personal angle meets the facts.

We're also planning out a certain number of shows per year (exactly how many is TBD) based on a theme. They're meant to be taken both literally (we're planning an update on closings of Chicago schools for our "Back to School" show) and figuratively (for that same show, we're also looking back at what the LUSA staff has been doing this summer). Some of these are scheduled, some aren't, but the sooner you get in pitches to us, the better we can work them to fit with the other stories involved in a theme show. Here's our current list:

• Back to School (September 6th)
• Neighbors (September 20th)
• Death (November 1, for Dia de los Muertos)
• Christmas (December 20th)
• Justify My Love (February 14th, Valentines Day)
• Money, Money, Money
• Language
• Mutts
• Larger Than Life
• Have Faith
• '73, '83, '93 (as in 1973, 1983, 1993)

Finally, we're looking for outside contributors to help us with several series:

• BOCADITO: A little morsel of news. These segments are designed to be lighthearted, fun, and short, often appearing at the end of a show.

• CLASS OF 2030: 1/4 of current kindergartners are Latin@. This is our education series on anything related to K-12 coverage, trying to capture an image of this growing population.
• BY THE NUMBERS: Anything related to polls and percentages, mostly (but not exclusively) demographics-related, characterized by one startling figure (#) or two juxtaposing ones.
• ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDHIP: Stories about Latinos who are restoring or protecting their ecosystem – whether it’s an urban, suburban or rural environment. We’re interested in stories that reach communities of color, especially youth.

• OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: Stories of people developing teamwork and confidence, surmounting fear and showing leadership through an adventure activity.

To pitch Latino USA, please send an email to We're looking forward to hearing from you.

A.C. Valdez & Leda Hartman

2013 New Voices Scholarship at PRPC, deadline Aug 1

Scholarships available to attend PRPC this fall. Details“>HERE and below. Deadline Aug 1. -Mia

AIR's 2013 New Voices Scholarship


Who is eligible to apply?

All minority producers and program makers are eligible to apply. The focus of the PRPD Programming Conference (PRPC) is radio/audio, but we welcome applicants from the full range of discipline. All ages are welcome, but applicants younger than 18 will need an adult sponsor to sign off on their application and handle funds on their behalf.

What do you mean by "minority"?

We are looking to attract individuals who represent groups that are typically under-represented at the PRPC and in the industry in general. This could be based, of course, on a candidate's ethnic or racial background. It could be that they come from a particular socio-economic group, or any number of categories. It will, ultimately, be up to the judgment of those screening applications to select candidates who bring a new and diverse mix to the conference, to the New Voices group, and to the industry in general. 

How much experience are applicants expected to have?
There is no specific requirement in terms of number of years of experience, but we will be especially interested in producers attending PRPC for the first time and are relatively new to working in public media. 

What is the total cost of the conference?
The cost varies, based on your geography, but PRPD generally estimates the cost at $1600 if you take a single hotel room, and spend $300 on your flight. The early bird registration rate for AIR producers and selected New Voices is $495 until August 9. Many of our producers room share, to further offset expenses. If you're selected, we can help facilitate this.

Is there anything I need to do if I am awarded a scholarship?

Yes. AIR requires you to attend several specific events at the conference. They include, at this time, AIR's member meeting on Wednesday, September 18 at 3:30 pm; a New Voice "mixer," on Tuesday before the opening reception; manning the AIR table; and a dedicated session at the conference (details to be determined). All fun. You will also be required to send AIR a brief report on your experience at the conference (750 – 1000 words) by October 1. If you are chosen for a scholarship, you will be given specific instructions on what to include in the report at that time.

When will I know if I received a scholarship or not? 

Final announcements will be made by early August.

If I am awarded a scholarship, when will I receive my funds?

Funding will be disbursed after the conference, as a reimbursement, 30 days after you submit a brief report on your experience at the conference and an invoice. 

Learn more and apply.

For more information on the 2013 PRPC please visit PRPD's website.

Calling all filmmakers, writers, storytellers & creatives, deadline Aug 4

A few shots of Bombay Sapphire might be needed to get what this is all about, but it sounds fun! Deadline Aug 4.


Main Shot

The Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series Film competition gives everyone the chance of having their imagination play out on the big screen.

No experience is required, just imagination. All you have to do is read the script by Oscar winning writer Geoffrey Fletcher, imagine your version of it and enter before 4 August 2013.

A judging panel including Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody will select the five most imaginative scripts, which will be produced into 5 films and premiered on the big screen at Tribecca Film Festival 2014. The winners and a friend will be flown out New York in style to attend to the premiere.

To enter, visit, where you can also watch last year’s films and get tips for your entry.


When you are ready to enter go to

Entries close on 4 August 2013.

Participatory Media Panel on Thursday 7/18, Brooklyn, 7pm

For you Brooklyn producer/radio-types:

If you are in the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn Thursday, and not melting, come by Littlefield Art Space for a rousing panel on the Future of Local Radio! I have been assured it will be chilly inside.

Thursday, July 18th at 7:00 PM
Littlefield art space in Gowanus, Brooklyn (622 Degraw Street). 
The entire discussion will be live-streamed via BBOXRADIO.COM

Advanced Audio Storytelling workshop, Rockport, ME, Aug 18-24

From the brilliant producer of the NYT series One in 8 Million – don't miss this workshop! Aug 18-24. 

Come join me in Maine this summer. Learn how to tell stories with sound; walk out with a piece you're proud of; be part of a creative community. AND have some of the best lobster rolls on earth.

Advanced Audio Storytelling | Maine Media
Produce documentary audio projects and hone your storytelling skillsAudio narratives engage the imagination. As Ira Glass of This American Life says with a smile, “Radio is your most visual medium.” That may be heretical to say to photographers, but Ira has a point. Audio storytelling engages the im…

Advanced Audio Storytelling

Produce documentary audio projects and hone your storytelling skills

Rob Rosenthal interviewing: Photo by Kate PhilbrickAudio narratives engage the imagination. As Ira Glass of This American Life says with a smile, “Radio is your most visual medium.” That may be heretical to say to photographers, but Ira has a point. Audio storytelling engages the imagination like a good book. The listeners create their own images. Now that photographers are being asked to produce audio slideshows, videos, podcasts, and other media with a sound component, it’s important to learn to effectively harness the power of audio storytelling.

This workshop puts students in contact with some of the radio industry’s most qualified and creative individuals as a means to explore and utilize sound. During the week, students find and produce short documentary audio projects about the local community. In class, students discuss narration, interview techniques, ambient audio and story structure as a means to create compelling audio narratives. Additionally, instructors provide daily lectures, equipment demonstrations and critiques.

This is an advanced level audio class. Students should have a good understanding of digital audio content gathering. Students will utilize ProTools in editing and mixing their projects. General familiarity with this industry standard software is encouraged but not required.

video production workshop in Oakland, CA, July 20-21

I don't know these folks personally, but this looks like a useful workshop, and there's a discount if you sign up ASAP! Plus they're in Oakland so it has to be great 🙂 -Mia

Registration for Workshop Weekend: Video is open! Join us on July 20th and 21st for a weekend focused on the art, craft, and tech of making video.

Learn more about the weekend and register at

Whether you’re a hobbyist, a budding filmmaker, a marketing genius, or a small business owner, our video weekend will give you the tools and skills you need to make professional-quality videos. We've got tracks taking you "From Novice to Pro" as well as workshops "For the Professional" — but feel free to choose your own set of workshops too:

The "Novice to Pro" track includes:

  • First Steps: Concept to Video
  • Camera Technique Basics
  • On-Set Lighting
  • Sound and Audio Production
  • Animation Basics
  • Basic Editing with Free Tools
  • Crew Meet & Greet

"For the Professional" includes:

  • Putting It All Together: Bootcamp
  • Crafting the Story
  • Advanced Editing with Final Cut Pro X
  • Distribution: Making Music Videos for TV
  • Distribution: Online Video and SEO Basics
  • Crew Meet & Greet

Learn more about the weekend and register at

Use the coupon code WWVIDEO713 for $10 off each day of admission. This code is valid through tomorrow night, July 10.

And please reach out to us if you have any questions at all.

I hope we’ll see you there!

Gil, J.D., CB, and the Video Weekend team

P.S. — We still have two seats open in the Arduino event this weekend, July 13-14! More info at

3 spots left for the “Digging In” retreat at the Center for Documentary Studies

I imagine this as a working vacation – focused time to really GET S*** DONE. Details below. -Mia

Any chance there's a project/tape/a documentary/proposal you've been meaning to set aside the time to work on, but you're too busy? Wishing to freeze time or build a secret room where you can just hide away and make the creations you imagine?

There is another option! 

with Big Shed

(at the Center for Documentary Studies)

July 28 – Aug 3, 2012  |  Course fee: $480

Spend a week with a community of independent producers, Big Shed and 
special guests at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke in Durham, 
North Carolina. What you work on is up to you — a story you’re finishing, 

a proposal you’re developing, a project you’re conceptualizing, or maybe you 
just want the space and community to think about your creative trajectory.

I'm also super excited to join Shea Shackelford and Jesse Dukes of Big Shed 
in leading the retreat.

The week is lightly structured to help you make significant progress
on a project that’s important to you.  Each day we’ll help you think
about how you can make the most of that time and offer some tools for

working to help you during the week and beyond.  Each day you’ll share
your ongoing work with other participants, the Big Shed team and
other special guests. While you’re getting helpful input, others
will be benefitting from your valuable ideas.  And when it’s time to

put your pencils down, we’ll stoke your creative fires and create ways
for you to relax and play.  Throughout the week you can expect
brilliant adventures, special guests, tasty food, music, dancing, thought provoking

presentations, late-night conversations, and hand-cranked ice cream on
the porch.

If you could use a break to really focus on something important in
your work, and you'd like to do that in a community of other producers

who will be doing the same sort of thing, Big Shed will make sure you
have an intensely relaxing, invigoratingly supportive time to dig deep
and get some serious (or not so serious—it’s up to you) work done.

– Kara (and Shea and Jesse)

Ps. The retreat is open to anyone creating work in any documentary
medium — writers, photographers, new media, film, et al. If you have
colleagues in those fields whom you think would be interested, please

feel free to share this with them.

internships with Heritage Radio Network, Brooklyn

Hey students (and teachers). The Heritage Radio Network is looking for interns. Word on the street is that folks who intern here have a great experience. I can put you in touch with a past intern if you have any questions. -Mia
++++++++++++++++++ is an emerging non-profit Internet based radio station broadcasting Food Radio from two repurposed shipping containers in the back of Roberta's Pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Each week we host over 30 live shows covering all aspects of the food world from agriculture and policy to cocktails and chef stories. Shows are archived on our website, available as a free download via iTunes or Stitcher Smart Radio.  

We are currently seeking a part-time radio intern to help work on special content. This is a position for someone with basic audio editing knowledge and skill who is looking for some additional hands on experience.    

The internship will last for a period of 12-16 weeks.  Please send a cover letter and resume along with your availability to Jack Inslee at  

Audio Editing experience using a DAW such as Pro Tools, Logic or editing software such as Audacity or Ableton.
Ability to build narrative and tell story through audio.
Simple sound mixing ability including compression, eq and limiting.
Recording experience and general website/HTML knowledge a plus.
Please submit any work samples if available.

Jack Inslee

Executive Producer

H E R I T A G E   R A D I O   N E T W O R K

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