POV Hackathon, NYC July 27-28

A few spots left for the POV Hackathon this weekend! -Mia

Hey docu-programmer-y-creative-type-awesome-peoples, heads up! There are last-minute slots open for a designer and a developer experienced with HTML5, JavaScript, Popcorn and/or online video to participate in P.O.V. Hackathon 4! If you're interested, or know someone who is, *whether they are remote* or in NYC, please share!

From @POV:

POV Hackathon 4 is this weekend in New York City (July 27-28) and it's a unique opportunity to meet and work with storytellers and technologists at the forefront of non-fiction media.

If this is you, contact us at hackathon at pov dot org! Or if you know someone who should participate, please share this post!"

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