New RFP from CPB for in-depth educational reporting projects

Funding from the CPB for in-depth reporting on education. Details below.

CPB seeks to enhance the capacity of public radio stations and national radio production organizations to create high quality multimedia journalism on important topics in education. CPB is seeking grant proposals for innovative original reporting that highlights challenges and solutions in American communities as they provide education in the 21st century. In particular, CPB seeks to support public radio stations and national producers in the creation of content that aligns with the American Graduate: Let's Make It Happen initiative, which addresses the high school dropout crisis in our country.

Public radio's capacity to create in-depth reporting on dropout and other topics can raise awareness of important issues and help communities and the nation better understand and address the challenges of providing education in a diverse society where technology and resources are not evenly distributed. Public radio journalism can use broadcast, online, mobile and social media as well as community engagement to explore the people, places and policies that influence America's classrooms. CPB anticipates awarding up to $1 million in grants to support stations and national producers in providing this type of coverage.

The Projects CPB will support must clearly demonstrate their ability to:
Build public media capacity for original education reporting;
Increase citizen understanding of education challenges and solutions and encourage community dialogue; and,
Position public media as a primary source of trusted and reliable information on topics critical to local communities, particularly in education related topics.

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