40 Scholarships for Journalists to Change the World, deadline Nov 18

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40 Scholarships for Journalists to Change the World – Applications for the April 2013 School of Authentic Journalism Are Due
November 18, 2012
By Al Giordano
Founder, School of Authentic Journalism  http://www.authenticjournalism.org/
September 26, 2012
The next School of Authentic Journalism, April 17 to 27, 2013, in Mexico, will mark ten years since we held the first one in 2003.  More than 300 journalists, independent media makers, community organizers and social movement leaders have passed through these doors since we began.  This will be the sixth session of the school but it also might (or might not) be the last one for some time to come, for reasons I’ll explain before this invitation is done.  My point is that if you have ever thought about attending but never got around to actually applying: don’t lose this opportunity. It might (or might not) be the last for a while.  At the 2013 school we will hear from a leader of South Africa’s anti-apartheid boycott and general strike, a union organizer who strategized Bolivia’s “water war” that stopped the privatization of that resource, an organizer who helped – this year – stop the deportation of 800,000 undocumented immigrants from the United States, a strategist who launched the global movement to end nuclear power, a writer and journalist who became a movement leader when her town was threatened by a nuclear waste dump, a young organizer whose creativity and humor helped topple his
country of Serbia’s dictator, and two legendary theorists and organizers who worked alongside Martin Luther King to end racial segregation.
This ten-day intensive program is for the following kinds of people: Journalists and communicators who report on and alongside social movements, community organizing and civil resistance campaigns, and also for those participants in those movements who write, blog, photograph, create and manage websites, make video, radio, graphic design or political cartoons about them. In previous schools we have accepted some applicants with little experience but whose raw talent and urgent desire to make change in their communities and in the world impressed us, and a good number of them have gone on to do great works. Some are even professors of the School of
Authentic Journalism today.  More information at http://narconews.com/Issue67/article4626.html

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