Expand your editing toolkit, the latest from @AIRmedia

I've been an AIR member for a long time and I found this most recent newsletter to be especially useful. See below for some editing tips and gigs, and become a member if audio production is your thing! And just a reminder, applications for their Better Edit Fellowship are due this Friday.



Reading List: Sharpen your editing skills,
then sharpen them some more

Editor’s Note: AIR is looking for candidates interested in becoming better editors through our Better Edit Fellowship—brought to you in partnership with PRNDI, the Public Radio News Directors Incorporated. Read on for contributing writer Emily Boghossian’s best picks for learning how to work the editing game, then apply to Better Edit! The deadline to submit is this Friday, July 14, at 5 p.m. PT.

Listen to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s first cut of “My Shot,” and you’ll hear it in the first few bars. Editing matters.

Any audio producer who has gone back and forth with a good editor knows that “most things that are great get great through editing,” (Ira Glass, Longform). But not every producer has access to a strong editor. Lately, the “good editor” is becoming more and more of a unicorn—high in demand and, according to NPR Training’s Alison MacAdam, low in supply.

And while we need to correct the industry-wide shortage by building clearer, more inclusive pipelines for editors, maybe this dearth is an opportunity for producers to sharpen their knives. If great storytelling = great editing, we should all strive to be better editors.

So, this week we are listening to the editors in our lives. Here's a list of resources guaranteed to grow your toolkit. Now, go forth and slash.

Editing from the get-go:
Front-end editing: The "secret ingredient" of great audio storytelling | Andrea De Leon for NPR Training
Before you pack your TASCAM and hit the road, ask yourself: What introduction do you hear in your head? How could this story unfold? Who is the main character?

Structuring your story:
How to Construct a Compelling Story | Brian Reed for The Conference
Action. Reflection. Stakes. S-Town's Brian Reed breaks down good storytelling by relaying the most boring story he can think of. Additional reading from the audio canon: Ira Glass explains storytelling in four parts.

Lessons from Making a Historical Documentary | Alex Lewis (Localore '15) and Yowei Shaw (New Voice '11) for Transom.org
Structuring a longer-form documentary? Find macro and mini story structures. Alex Lewis and Yowei Shaw’s first-ever historical doc yields all kinds of useful tips. Bonus: Insights on mixing via Jeff Towne.


Read on!
1. Looking for an excuse to move to Italy? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the U.N. is searching for a radio coordinator to make audio stories in Rome. (Public Media Women in Leadership Facebook group)

2. “100 Days in Appalachia” is looking for an experienced and courageous part-time contributing editor to take the lead on stories about race relations and religious divides. (Public Media Innovators Facebook group)

3. ATTN: Break ground as a multimedia health care reporter and find stories at the intersection of policy and people. (Nashville Public Radio)

4. Start your thumb exercises! Public Radio International is on the hunt for a social media editor to post quality work at lightning speeds. (Twitter #pubjobs hashtag)

5. You’re a multitasking communications specialist and Detroit Public Television is in need of your superpowers. Write, report, edit, repeat. (CPB Jobline)

AIR + PRX Podcast Garage this Wednesday

AIR and the fine folks at Podcast Garage are kicking off July with our second Maker Mingle of the season. We're gathering in Allston, Massachusetts this Wednesday, July 12, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to trade stories, share ideas, and make new friends. Swing by if you're in the neighborhood!

This time we want you to come with an answer to the question: What was the first podcast you listened to or loved?

AIR … a network of independent producers 
who create collaboration, diversity, and excellence 
in audio and media craft.

{ Learn More About AIR }

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new workshop from @writingpadus starts next Sunday, July 16

The latest from Writing Pad SF. See below!


Writing Pad’s SF podcasting course starts NEXT Sunday July 16 w/ Snap Judgment’s Eliza Smith. Friends of Freelance Cafe get a discount.


15% off the class by using the code FREELANCE.



Eliza is a producer at NPR’s Snap Judgment who got her start with the Kitchen Sisters. She will help you conceive, develop & produce an outline for your podcast & record a teaser. She will teach you interviewing techniques, sound editing, using music, archival material + more. Class includes a recording session at a professional studio as well a session with the head sound person at Snap. For a more about Eliza, check out our interview with her here: http://writingpad.com/snap-judgment-producer-eliza-smith-interview/




PODCASTING 5 WK w/ Eliza Smith (Producer, Snap Judgment)


July 16, 30, Aug. 13, 20, 27 (4 Sun., 1 recording session), 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m., SF

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@AIRmedia’s Better Edit Fellowship, application deadline July 14

Attention all wannabe editors! AIR has just launched their Better Edit Fellowship and is looking for aspiring audio editors to apply for one-on-one mentoring. There's an incredible group of mentors in this bunch – so sign up and spread the word! NOTE: you must be either an AIR or PRNDI member to apply. But you can find other mentorship opportunities and resources in the links below. Application deadline is July 14th.


Up your editing game with the AIR hive mind

One of AIR’s greatest assets is our collective brain trust—from the knowledge shared on the AIRdaily to the meet-ups hosted to gather regional AIRsters. Our peer-to-peer mentoring program is another way AIR orchestrates this passing of expertise. In this vein, AIR is pleased to announce that we are looking for candidates interested in becoming better editors through our Better Edit FellowshipWe’re pleased to be partnering with PRNDI—the Public Radio News Directors Inc.—on this initiative.

What is The Better Edit Fellowship and how can I apply?   
The demand for good editors in podcasting, public radio, and audio stories outpaces the availability of ready talent. AIR hears this, so we’ve tapped some of the best editors in the business to give focused attention to 12 aspiring editors chosen through a competitive selection process.

If you’re chosen, we’ll match you with an editor. You’ll work for four hours over the course of 90 days to whip your project into shape and upskill your editing. Think of it as an extended story meeting where a great editor gives you insight into how their mind works and into how they help a producer structure a story or project. To read the full details and apply, visit: airmedia.org/programs/training-and-mentorship-program/airs-2017-editorial-fellowship/ 

What skills can I expect to touch on during the fellowship?
The Better Edit Fellows will learn how to pull diamonds out of the rough. Your editor-mentor will work with you to identify how to unfurl the pieces and then tie them back up together into something great. You’ll come away from the fellowship ready to apply this understanding of listening for editing and structuring audio stories to yours and others’ work.

Who can apply?
You must be either an AIR or PRNDI member in good standing. As an AIR member, you must also have been in the network for at least six months. Please read more about Fellowship eligibility here. Not a member yet? Learn more about joining AIR here. The strongest candidates are expected to be working on a specific audio project with concrete goals.

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@KALW seeks part time Digital Editor, deadline July 10

Reminder! The deadline to apply for KALW's Digital Editor gig is Monday, July 10. Details below.


KALW is looking for a digital editor to manage KALW’s growing digital audience. The editor will be responsible for day-to-day tasks such as website management and social media, as well as long-term projects such as metrics tracking and audience development. You can find out more info about the job posting here: http://kalw.org/post/kalw-seeks-digitaleditor#stream/0 

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Journalism award for collaborative work from @hostwriter, deadline July 31

An award that focuses on collaborative journalism – love it! Details at http://prize.hostwriter.org/ and below. Go for it!


We are giving out over $5.000 for journalistic pieces and pitches that were done collaboratively, meaning that at least two journalists have to be in the byline. 
Tweet it out!
Journalists worldwide can compete for cash prizes & story funding from @hostwriter! Send in a story or pitch by 7/31 http://prize.hostwriter.org/
You can find detailed information, FAQs and the online application form here.

If you need some inspiration check out last year's winners on our blog. Thank you so much for your support. We would love to see some applications from your network.

hostwriter.org – collaborate with journalists worldwide
Apply for the #hostwriterPrize for your collaborative pieces and pitches by July 31st.

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CUNY J+ Fall workshops, early bird discounts until Aug 31

Happy summer, Freelance Cafe folks! In case you're an advanced planner, you can sign up now for CUNY J+ workshops for the fall. There's a 20% off early bird deal until Aug. 31, and after that Freelance Cafe members can still get 10% off with the code JPLUS10. The current list of courses is below.



Data Journalism Bootcamp: Excel, Open Refine, Tableau And More with Sarah Ryley, 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner. Sarah will provide a “basic toolkit” of best practices and programs to get started in data journalism. “These are the tools I’ve used for the past 4+ years to produce high-impact data stories, including my Pulitzer Prize-winning series on nuisance abatement, proving there’s a lot you can do with this basic toolkit,” Sarah says. All day Sept. 23 and 24. $599$479 Early Bird Summer Deal until Aug. 31. Learn more


Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro CC with Jennifer Hamblett. This five-week, hands-on module teaches the ins and outs of a software that is the industry standard for video editing. You will learn the principles of non-linear editing, how to use the interface and features of Adobe Premiere and how to plot and edit a sequence 6:30 to 9 pm on Tuesdays, Sept. 26, Oct. 3, 10, 17, and 24. $599$479 Early Bird Summer Deal until Aug. 31. Learn more


Investigating Your Elected Officials with Andrew Lehren, Pulitzer Prize team-winning reporter for The New York Times. In this two-part, hands-on workshop, you will learn techniques and tools for backgrounding and fact checking those in power. 6:30 to 9 pm on Wednesdays, Oct. 11 and 18. $299; $239 Early Bird Summer Deal until Aug. 31. Learn more


Augmented Reality (AR) for Journalism with Matt MacVey. In this hands-on, evening workshop we’ll try out AR projects from different news organizations, see how to get started with tools like Blippar, Vuforia and Tango and look at what might be coming next. 6:30 to 9 pm on Thursday, Oct. 19. $25. Learn more


 Build a Bot: Artificial Intelligence and Bots for News with John Keefe, bot developer and app product manager at Quartz. In this two-part workshop, John Keefe will focus on natural language processing and conversational interfaces and help you build a Facebook Messenger bot. John has taught this popular class to journalism students and to journalists at conferences such as ONA. 6:30 to 9 pm on Wednesdays, Oct. 25 and Nov. 1. $249. $199 Early Bird Summer Deal until Aug. 31. Learn more


Charts for Data Analysis and Presentation with Datawrapper with Sandeep Junnarkar. Enhance your journalism with data analysis and presentation with this popular software. This 2.5 hour, hands-on class will go over the bases, as well as tips and tricks for more polished charts. 6:30 to 9 pm on Tuesday, November 7 from 6:30 to 9 pm. $25. Learn more


Intro to 360° Video Journalism with Bob Sacha and Matt MacVeyGet up to speed with 360 video journalism and try the Ricoh Theta camera and 360 apps on your smart phone in this hands-on, evening workshop. 6:30 to 9 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 8. $125; $99 Early Bird Summer Deal until Aug. 31. Learn more


Social Media Videos: Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Live with Luis Miguel Echegaray. In this three-part, hands-on workshop, we will focus on making videos using smart phones and the top three video-heavy social media platforms: Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook Live. 6:30 to 9 pm on Tuesdays, Nov. 14, 21, and 28. $375$299 Early Bird Summer Deal until Aug. 31. Learn more


Adobe After Effects and Motion Graphics with Graham Roberts, Senior Editor at The New York Times. In this daylong workshop, you will learn the basics of Adobe After Effects, the leading software for digital visual effects, motion graphics and animation. 9:30 am to 5:30 pm on Saturday, Nov. 18. $549; $439 Early Bird Summer Deal until Aug. 31. Learn more


10 Ways to Improve Your Writing with Diane Nottle. This hands-on two-hour session focuses on high-impact tricks and techniques to make your writing for any purpose stronger, clearer and more memorable. 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 29. $25. Learn more


The Business of Freelancing with Tim Harper. This breezy, conversational two-hour workshop is both an introduction for beginning freelancers and a top-up review for longtime veterans. Bring your questions and issues on every aspect of freelancing, from ideas to reporting to contracts and rights to pitching, publishing and getting paid. 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Wednesday, Dec. 6. $25. Learn more


To come: Online Research Series: SuperResearcher with Barbara Gray. Find even the most elusive sources. Dig up hard-to-find information. Avoid embarrassing mistakes in your news stories, in this series of workshops by the former director of news research at The New York Times. Join our email list to receive alerts about new classes


To come:  Edit, Sequence, Present and Promote Your Photographs with James Estrin, the co-editor of the New York Times Lens blog. Many people can take decent photographs. Few photographers understand how to edit, sequence and present their work. These skills will enable you to be better visual storytellers and will help you distinguish yourself from other photographers. Join our email list to receive alerts about new classes


ONLINE CLASS: VideoStorytelling for the Weban online class to help you make short digital videos people want to watch. Video coach Kayle hope covers everything from shooting to editing in 10 short and engaging videos. $35


Are you eligible for a discount? Check here.


All workshops will be held at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, 219 W. 40th Street in New York. Map.

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KALW seeks a digital editor

Gig alert!

KALW is looking for a digital editor to manage KALW’s growing digital audience. The editor will be responsible for day-to-day tasks such as website management and social media, as well as long-term projects such as metrics tracking and audience development. You can find out more info about the job posting here: http://kalw.org/post/kalw-seeks-digitaleditor#stream/0

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Pitch the Pulse @WHYY

Pitch WHYY's The Pulse! (First deadline is tomorrow – sorry for the short notice.)



This is what we have coming up:


The Hot Hot Show

The main bar story is about heat islands in cities – and fixes for that, including planting trees. The lineup already includes: the anatomy of a hot flash, thermophilic bacteria, a weather vs. climate explainer, how forest fires can influence weather, and the Chinese healing concept of internal heat.


Got anything ‘temperature’ related that will surprise our audience — on topic — but unexpected? For this one, I'm looking for ONE more 3-5 minute piece (maybe already produced) because the deadline is coming soon, mid-July.


The Gender Show in Mid August

Seeking health + science pitches: Anything from … “Girling up,” the science of being female … to the health advantages men enjoy within the American health system.


The Language Show in Early September

Seeking health + science pitches: Looking for ideas from Deaf culture, bilingual families, even tech.


Sending pitches to both addresses can help cut through the clutter:








WORKING TITLE: Travels on the Big Muddy in Early September

The mighty Mississippi River is the final destination for a vast network of streams that stretch across nearly half of the U.S. The river’s pull has created great cities, thriving industries, and vibrant culture along her banks. But we haven’t always treated the river well. We wash our waste into the waters, restrict natural movement, and engineer the stream to our needs. What’s been the toll on human health and the environment? On this episode, The Pulse travels the Mississippi from the headwaters in Minnesota to the mouth in the Gulf of Mexico.


Got an idea? We’re looking for stories about the ways people use and abuse the Mississippi. Pitch us stories about river conservation efforts, nearby agriculture as well as urban stories about runoff and water quality. Profile someone using science to protect the Mississippi, or a worker who makes his living along the river.

First edit around August 7


The BIG MUDDY call for pitches closes June 28, please send us your idea before then.

Email both Managing Editor Taunya English pulseeditor@whyy.org and Guest Host Irina Zhorov izhorov@whyy.org

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Apply for @AIRmedia’s 2017 New Voices Scholarship, deadline June 30

ATTN fierce storymakers: Apply for AIR's 2017 New Voices Scholarship! Deadline June 30th.
We're very excited to share that AIR is now taking applications for our 2017 New Voices Scholarship. We're looking for folks from all corners of America. Please consider applying if you're a rising voice in audio and public media. Or, spread the call for submissions far and wide through your many channels and networks.

AIR seeks: Daring makers from all corners of the country, especially individuals from underrepresented communities and groups.

If chosen, you receive: A travel stipend up to $1,500 to attend the 2017 Third Coast Conference, a complimentary one-year AIR membership, and special opportunities and support at the conference.

Here are some sample tweets for sharing:

Apps open for @AIRmedia's New Voices Scholars! Attend @ThirdCoastFest & help shape media w/ your voice. Details: airmedia.org/programs/new-voices-scholarships

Join AIR's #NewVoiceScholars revolution! @AIRmedia seeks diverse, daring makers who are fired up about audio/media: airmedia.org/programs/new-voices-scholarships

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new audio courses with @WritingPadUS start next week, discount for FC friends

Writing Pad’s LA, SF, and Online podcasting and radio fiction courses start next week w/ 99% Invisible Alum Sam Greenspan and Snap Judgment’s Eliza Smith. Friends of Freelance Cafe get a discount.


15% off the class by using the code FREELANCE.



Sam has been a producer and reporter at 99% Invisible since the early days and a long-time NPR Vet. He is now starting his own super-secret podcast. Sam will help you conceive, develop & produce an outline for your podcast & record a teaser. He will teach you interviewing techniques, sound editing, using music, archival material +more. Class includes a recording session at a professional studio.


PODCASTING w/ Sam Greenspan (99% Invisible)


June 28July 12, 19, 26, Aug. 9 (5 Wed. nights), 7:00pm-10pm, SF



Podcasts like Homecoming, Limetown and A Night Called Tomorrow have expanded the horizons of radio storytelling to fiction. Eliza is the producer of Snap Judgment’s fiction program and has adapted the short stories of Manuel Gonzalez, Amelia Gray, and Kelly Link into radio plays. Learn what works/doesn’t work for a radio play, the importance of scenes, the use of sound and music to enrich pieces, narrative structure, and the Snap Judgment Method for telling stories.


By the end of the class you will have, a draft of a stand out story that you can get published in a literary journal and submit to radio shows. You will record it at Snap Judgment Studios. Join the ranks of the 32 students who have published short stories from and 11 students who have gotten stories on the radio from our classes. For a preview, check out Eliza’s interview here:



RADIO FICTION w/ Eliza Smith (Producer Snap Judgment, NPR)


July 16, 23, 30, Aug. 13, 20, (4 Sun., 1 recording session), 6:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m., SF

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