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Oral History Summer School
 is back in session this Winter with three workshops in Hudson and New York City. Come all ye documentarians, journalists, artists, media-makers, educators and those looking to learn new things in good company. Open to all levels, no experience necessary. Feel free to email me back with questions. 


January Mini-Intensive

Dates: January 4 & 5

Location: Verso Books Loft,  Brooklyn, New York

This hands-on workshop––open to all––is based on our popular 10-day intensive, covering oral history theory, method and practice. Over the course of the weekend, we’ll address interview techniques, recording tutorials, ethics, memory, annotation and experimental outcomes. 


Oral History for Educators

Dates: January 18 – 20

Location: Hudson, New York

This workshop is designed for educators who want to bring oral history into their classrooms and learning spaces. We’ll begin with a rigorous introduction to oral history theory, methods and practice before reviewing existing curricula as a jumping off place to design our own curricula/projects.


Oral History: A Queer Art 

Dates: February 1 & 2

Location: Bureau of General Services Queer Division, NYC

Oral History, a Queer Art will follow the course of our usual immersive workshops by offering foundational oral history training–theory, method, practice– while inviting exploration into the way that oral history values and theory are arguably queer and/or well-positioned to support emergent complex queer narratives. 



About Oral History Summer School: 

Oral History Summer School was established in Hudson, New York, in 2012, as an immersive training program to help students from varied fields––writers, social workers, radio producers, artists, teachers, human rights workers––make use of oral history as an ethical interview practice in their lives and work



Sabine Bernards

Program Assistant

Oral History Summer School


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