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Destination DIY radio show seeking freelancers

Hey folks. I fully recognize that this is not a high-paying opportunity, but I can certainly appreciate the labor of love and it sounds like a fun project. Details below if you’re interested. -mia


From: Julie Sabatier

I am the host and creator of a public radio show and podcast called “Destination DIY.” In a nutshell, the show is about unusual do-it-yourself projects from home birth to home funerals and everything in between (including urban chicken coups, brewing your own beer and riding a unicycle). I’ve been developing the show as a labor of love over the past 4 years and have taken it from a live show on the local community radio station to a documentary series that’s been aired on over 20 stations around the country. This year, the show will be airing on Oregon Public Broadcasting this summer and fall and will go from a half-hour show to a one hour program. I have managed to raise a little bit of money for the six shows I’ll be working on in 2010 and part of that money was raised to pay talented radio producers who want to create material for these programs. I’m afraid I can’t offer much ($200 per piece), but I am hoping you’ll find an idea on the list below that inspires you to make a piece of radio you’ll really enjoy creating. I’ll also gladly accept previously produced pieces that fit the themes of these shows. And I should stress that this is a VERY grassroots project. This is the first year that the project has had any funding, meager as it is, and all of it is going straight to production expenses. I am not making any kind of profit off of this endeavor, nor am I paying myself as executive producer. As I said, it’s a labor of love.

Please send pitches to me by April 14 and by all means, think outside the box (and the state of Oregon as well). More information about Destination DIY can be found here: http://www.destinationdiy.com/about.html Questions? Don’t be shy! Thank you, Julie Sabatier (julie@destinationdiy.org)

Nov 10th – Winter DIY Workshop Series

Seems like an informative and fun event. Check it out! -Mia _____________________________

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[image: indy-arts-logo-medium.jpg] The 2009 Winter DIY Workshop Series continues with…

*Get Your Sh*t Together!*

*A Hands-On Action Accelerator for Artists * *When* Tuesday, Nov 10th – 6-8pm *Where*

IndyArts’ New Office

222 Sutter Street, Suite 600 Sutter @ Kearny, San Francisco

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*SPACE IS LIMITED to 20 Participants * http://cts.vresp.com/c/?1254Missi/30fcd7b947/ac7a582847/18a8bb0ad3

About this Workshop:

What are your *NEXT STEPS*?

Build a bridge between your inspiring ideas and daily life, finances, and career. Audette Sophia of CatalystArts will present tools and resources that can harness all that messy, fabulous potential and creativity, and help your ideas find their way to action.

Topics Included in this Workshop:

– *Clarifying & Prioritizing Goals* – *Time & Project Management* – *Creating Dynamic Action Plans. *

Join usfor hands-on instruction on how to build a Customized Action Blueprint that you can start to implement as soon as you get home! *About our Presenter:*

*Audette Sophia* is a writer, multi-disciplinary performer and creative career [image: audette.jpg]consultant. She has a B.A. in Integrative Arts from Prescott College and is a certified coach from the Life Purpose Institute. She has over 11 years professional arts background including founding and directing two performance troupes, publishing an interactive poetry book, and teaching many expressive arts classes and workshops.


About the Winter 2009 DIY Workshops:

This winter, Indy Arts’ DIY SURVIVAL SERIES will present workshops and social gatherings targeted to the grassroots arts community — organizations and individuals alike — with the goal of strengthening community, building capacity, and letting off some steam! As always, No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds! Forward this message to a friend| www.artsandmedia.net