Snap Judgment Theme List

Call for pitches from SNAP!

At long last, it has returned … the Snap Judgment themes list. And, because we have yet to improve upon it, we're cutting and pasting our pitching advice the from last time. To refresh your memory:

Pitch us an audio movie from the point of view of someone facing a unique struggle with a thought-provoking (or just plain entertaining) resolution. And, as always, no profiles or topical stories. Of course, we welcome stories with interesting characters and interesting topics, but we also need a plot driving the narrative forward. Ideally, the story should be told mostly by the main character.

And please make sure to include the ending of your story in your written pitch. (We will not listen to any audio submission unless it is accompanied by a one page – or less – description of the story arc, including the ending.)

Send your pitches to We try to respond to all pitches within two weeks. If you haven't heard from us by then, by all means bother us about it!

Okay, onto the themes.

***Any Really Good Story***
We will never stop saying this. If your story is amazing, it will make it on the air, theme or no theme. In fact, we'll build a theme around it. Seriously.

***Long Distance***
Stories about that time someone went the extra mile with unexpected results. Long distance competitions, adventures, relationships, etc. Just remember, there’s gotta be a darn good reason for going just that far.

***Shangri La/Atlantis/Paradise Lost***
A childhood fantasy world or a grown up’s Eden, we want your stories about that hidden utopia that no one else knows about, or maybe just that one else else cares about!

***Water Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink***
Sometimes we’re surrounded by a bounty that’s just out of reach. Bring us your stories of famine during feasts, the virgin at the sex party, the blind juggler in a circus tent. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

***Albatros/My Cross to Bear***
Stories of people carrying around something (either figuratively or literally) that weighs them down. A duty. A debt. A reputation. A lingering question. Do they shake it off or learn to live with it? Let us know.

***The Tax Man***
Yup, stories about taxes. Fair or unfair. Collecting them. Dodging them. And not just government taxes. Crushing loans. Protection money. The makeup tax. But remember: no exploring an issue for the sake of exploring an issue. We need plot, people.

***Rising Tide***
Do you know someone who is denying a change that’s happening all around them? Or something that's going to happen whether they want it to or not? Stories of confronting, fighting or fleeing a mounting force of nature, stories that inch towards something big, really big.

*** Mystery Box***
Stories which only work because of what we don't know. An unopened letter. A relationship that only works because of what goes unsaid. The room you weren't allowed to enter as a child. Stories in which some people want to open the box, and others don't, because — this time — the truth just might not set them free.

***Sell Out***
What’d they do? Why did they do it? Calling all stories of backroom dealings and record label signings.

***The Tape***
Stories in which a recording – once seen or listened to – has the power to change everything. 

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