Call for stories! Bad Advice/Second Chances at Audio Under the Stars, deadline Sept 12

Call for story submissions for Audio Under the Stars. Details HERE and below! – Mia

Audio Under the Stars, Durham, N.C.'s summer-long audio festival, is looking for audio stories for the final show of the summer: Bad Advice and Second Chances.

Some of us have actually paid cash money for a 1974 Dodge Dart. Tell us your stories about when you listened to your Uncle Leo rather than your common sense and a Consumer Reports review . . . or any other time you told that small voice in your head to shut up and sit down, and how you've lived to tell the tale.

We love sound-rich stories that make us think, make us laugh, and take us to places near and far. Share your work or work you find compelling made by someone else. We want to hear it all, even if it's not a perfect fit for the theme.

We need your help to find the best of the best. Use this form to submit a story for consideration— submit as many stories as you'd like! The deadline is 11:59 p.m. on September 12, 2015.

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