Call for pitches – immigration + food + sustainability, deadline Aug 15

Feet in 2 Worlds seeks pitches – many media accepted. Deadline Aug 15. Details below.

Hello Everyone,

The New School's 10-year-old immigration reporting project Feet in 2 Worlds is looking for new contributors for their fall food issue — please pitch us! 

Full details re: topics + medium are below. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly. 

This is a really excellent journalism project that works to bring immigrant reporters + perspectives into public media. Good work + good people — please join us!

Many thanks,

Anne Noyes Saini
Producer, WNYC's The Sporkful
Food Editor, Feet in 2 Worlds
Co-creator, MOTHER


Sustainable, local, organic, artisanal – these terms help define and frame today’s food culture. Do these terms have different meanings for immigrants? If organic food is harvested by immigrant workers who are underpaid for their labor, is it sustainable? 

The next issue of the Feet in 2 Worlds online magazine will explore the intersection of immigrant food and culture with these concepts from today’s food scene. Immigrants – their labor, culture, and recipes – occupy every position in the food chain, yet their stories often go untold or are misrepresented. 

We are looking for stories in any medium – audio, video, photo essay, text, info-graphic – that help bring a deeper understanding to these complex issues and shine a light on unseen parts of the food system. The stories we seek to tell will use the tools of narrative journalism, be investigative in nature, go beyond clichés and stereotypes, and will advance our mission to bring underreported stories from immigrant communities to new audiences on public radio and online.

Some possible areas include:

  • Healthy eating in immigrant communities
  • Deconstructing a meal – where do the ingredients come from?
  • What does sustainability look like in an immigrant neighborhood or household
  • Hidden food systems/hidden people – how immigrants participate in food industries and food culture in unseen ways.
  • Immigrant food entrepreneurs and locally made ethnic food products.
  • Scraps – how food is reused and conserved in ethnic dishes and immigrant kitchens.

The deadline for submissions is August 15, 2015. Please send submissions by email to anne [at] cityspoonful [dot] com.

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