AIR’s New Podcasting Rate Guide

If I had any doubt that AIR was worth the membership fee (which I didn't), I've been totally and thoroughly convinced. This rate guide and template agreement for podcasters is genius. Check it out. -Mia

AIR established a national standard for freelance rates in 2002 that has been adopted across the public radio industry. In 2012, following this model, we worked with the Public Radio News Directors Association (PRNDI) to publish a rate schedule for indies working with local stations. More recently, we’ve successfully negotiated with major national outlets to increase rates across the board, and we undertook a study with the Independent Television Service (ITVS) comparing revenues of independent filmmakers and radio producers.

In response to calls from freelance producers and commissioning editors, programs, and networks in the AIR ecosystem, we’re presenting a basic rate guide for podcasting and a standard template agreement for audio freelancers and podcasters, both of which follow established best practices.

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