CBC wants your pitches about the body, deadline June 15

Fun call for pitches from the CBC (via AIR). Deadline June 15. -Mia


We’re looking for surprising, funny and or poignant stories about the body.

A new series is launching this summer on CBC Radio called Stripped. Each week we explore a particular body part, what we do/think about that body part, and what that says about us as a culture.

So far, we’ve looked at hair and included a story from a hair extension shop owner held at gunpoint for his goods. We looked at the politics of the beard with a Pakistani man who was kidnapped because a militant group wanted him to cut off his gigantic moustache. And, for an episode on voice, we spoke to a stand-up comic who lost his voice early on in life but delivers his jokes using text to speech software.

Right now, we’re looking for pitches for future episodes.

Some are more fully formed than others, with a theme attached.

– The theme will revolve around the (hidden) riches of teeth. Take the meaning of that as you will (including the more obvious one of how teeth express your identity, particularly your socioeconomic status).

– The theme will revolve around the idea of thick skin, from its strength to the vulnerability it protects. The skin as ‘tough’ in scientific terms and yet also so fragile and needy.

We’re also looking for personal stories or short documentaries about genitals, breasts, hands, bones, stomach, the ‘dead body’, etc.

CBC rates depend on several factors, including the length and format you pitch. We’re flexible on both of those things, but please keep in mind each episode is about 30 minutes.

Pitch us your idea/story by June 15 to stripped@cbc.ca with the body part you’d like to pitch in the subject line or contact us if you have further questions.

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