Calls for pitches from WHYY’s The Pulse

Two calls for pitches from WHYY's The Pulse, below.


WHYY (Philadelphia NPR affiliate) and its health and science show "The Pulse" are looking for story pitches on behavioral/mental health issues under a special reporting grant from the Scattergood Foundation. Pay for projects can range between $500 and $1,500 depending on scope of the reporting.

The goal of the grant is to foster in-depth reporting on behavioral health issues in different realms of life: workplace, family, health care, civic issues, education, politics, culture etc.

The stories should have a strong web / multimedia component (photos or video) and can be published / aired on other outlets after airing on WHYY/The Pulse.

Please email Maiken Scott ( with pitches, ideas and questions!


WHYY's health & science show "The Pulse" will be dedicating an hour-long episode in June exclusively to the exploration of space. Whether that means how astronauts sleep in zero gravity or the quest to understand dark matter or the legacy of Tang and the space program…we're wide open to ideas. Also, we pay AIR's national rates.

Pitch away.

Joel Patterson (

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