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One of my favorite organizations – Oral History Summer School – is gearing up for their next round of workshops. Additional information on their website and Facebook pagePlease share widely! -Mia


Oral History Summer School was established in Hudson, New York in 2012 to train an international group of students to make use of Oral History in their documentary and artistic practices. This summer, we're also offering specialized short courses for continuing oral historians or those interested in advanced issues in the field.

In the past, workshop participants have included lawyers, writers, social workers, teachers, activists, small business owners, and family historians, among others. As both a methodology and documentary form, Oral History is a means to preserve history, complicate reductive studies, conduct research, mobilize communities, build an ethical interview practice, or

broker difficult conversations (to name a few uses).

This summer’s instructors include Suzanne Snider (Founder/Director OHSS),  Dina Zempsky (Memory Loss Initiative, Storycorps), Sady Sullivan (Columbia University), LJ Amsterdam (Watershed Center),  Sheri-Bauer-Mayorga (Good Globe Singing School), Jeffrey Lependorf (Music Omi International Musicians Residency), Jeremy Thal (Found Sound Nation, One Beat), Nicki Pombier Berger (Nothing About Us Without Us), and Ben Harbert (filmmaker, Follow Me Down)


Oral History Intensive with Suzanne Snider, June 12-19
Collecting and Composing: Oral History and Music, June 23-28
Let Us All Our Voices Raise: Memory Loss and Mixed Ability Interviewing, June 29-July 3

More information can be found, here: http://www.oralhistorysummerschool.com/
Apply: http://www.oralhistorysummerschool.com/apply

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