two upcoming events from the Freelancer’s Union, including a TAX workshop March 11

One of my favorite resources is the Freelancer's Union. They've got all kinds of inspirational blog posts and resources on their website, and they sponsor super helpful events, both online and in person. Two are below – one for newbies on getting started freelancing (online March 9) and one for everyone on TAXES (cities everywhere March 11). Check it!
Getting started as a freelancer can be challenging and a little bewildering at first.Where do I find clients? What do I charge? How do I stay sane?! We're here to help!

RSVP to our live webinar on Monday, March 9th at 4:00 pm.

Freelancers Union and General Assembly will be hosting a live webinar to help you get started on your freelance career. Marc Scheff – an artist, art director, educator, entrepreneur, and Hives leader based out of Brooklyn, NY will join Freelancers Union in the webinar. 

In "Freelancing 101: 6 Things No One Tells You About Getting Started," we’ll kick it off by discussing a few topics that we’ve heard from you. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify your brand, assess your strengths, and optimize your portfolio
  • Understand your client base and obtain your first clients
  • Decide what to charge and how to handle your money
  • Market yourself and effectively network
  • Follow your passion and stay sane doing it

From there, we’ll be giving you an opportunity to ask your questions in a live Q&A with Marc.

RSVP for our live event today!


Join us for an in-person Spark event on Wednesday, March 11! In cities across America, hundreds of freelancers will learn essential tax tips & meet cool people. Find a Spark event near you 

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