Seminar – Audio Walks and Site-Specific Storytelling, Feb 13-15, Brooklyn

This workshop looks SO good! Friday, February 13 – Sunday, February 15, 10am-6pm, UnionDocs, Brooklyn

STORIES TAKING PLACE: Audio Walks and Site-Specific Storytelling
An intensive 3-day seminar.
This seminar has been specially designed to teach and encourage audio producers and creative writers to reimagine the world around them, foster their creativity and sharpen their writing skills. To produce a successful audio program many skills are required, from research and journalism to sound storytelling to app designing, in addition to a considerable dose of observation, creativity and writing.
Produced by UnionDocs in partnership with Mathilde Walker-Billaud and Pejk Malinovski, the seminar will go into the various creative practices of site-specific audio interventions. It will offer technical tools and skill sets for navigating through this medium and finding your own path in this emergent art.
Radio audiences today have been liberated from the time and space limitations and can listen to audio anywhere at anytime: at home or at work, in the subway or in the streets, while queuing at the stores or taking a walk along the river. Technological developments have sparked a new generation of tours and sonic experiences through site-specific audio programs that are easily downloadable on mobile devices: a recorded and intimate voice guides an individual in a place and plays with the body, the imagination, the memory and the surroundings.
Over the course of three days, 10 to 14 participants will learn from a team of seasoned guest speakers and practitioners — radio auteurs, theater artists, writers, entrepreneurs, documentarists. The seminar will explore site-specific storytelling, sound design, audience engagement, instruction-based practice and more. Workshops, discussions, exercises, walks in the city (Field trips on Friday and Saturday) and a work-in-progress critique will help put this new knowledge into practice.
Pejk Malinovski, radio producer and poet, will lead the seminar as main instructor.
When: Friday, February 13 – Sunday, February 15, 10am-6pm

Where: UnionDocs, 322 Union Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Who is eligible?
Open to everyone. We are looking for students, radio producers, media artists, app designers and writers interested in places, audio practice and writing.
Give us an idea of who you are and why you are coming. When you register you will be asked for a short statement of interest that should briefly describe your experience in audio practice and a project idea (if you have one), plus a bio. There’s a spot for a link to a work sample and CV, which would also be nice, but is not required.
Please note: Participants are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Focus is on discussions, observation, imagination and writing. The goal is to develop your project conceptually.
$385 early bird registration by January 30th.
$450 regular
Please note that the service charge is waived if payment is made via check.
Checks can be made out to UnionDocs and mailed to 322 Union Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211.
Technology Requirements:
In order to keep costs down, this workshop is a b-y-o-m, bring your own material (laptop, headphones, recorder). Students must be fully proficient using and operating their computers.
(subject to change)
Day 1: Site-specific storytelling
Main Instructor: Pejk Malinovski
Guest Instructor : Alexandra Horowitz
The first day of the seminar looks in-depth at the ways we can tell stories about neighborhoods and specific places. It will include one field trip.
Day 2 : On-location participatory projects
Guest Instructor: Ant Hampton
The second day of the intensive focuses on writing and producing live interventions in an urban context. It will include one field trip.
Day 3 : The listener’s experience
Guest Instructor: Kara Oehler
The third day explores the multiple ways to build an audio itinerary and the possible tools to interact with the walker/listener. The afternoon will include exercises, discussions and project critiques.
Each day follows this general structure, with some minor variations and substitutions:
10:00a    Warm up, inspiring references, listening exercises, ear training.
10:30a    Presentation
11:45a    Discussion
12:30p    Share / Discussion / Exercise
1:00p      Lunch (on your own – lunch will be provided on Friday)
2:00p      Presentation
3:15p      Discussion
4:00p      Workshop Exercise
5:00p      Workshop Critique
5:30p      End

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