Rough Cuts Announces Call for Entries for March, deadline Feb 17

Announcing a Call for Entries for Rough Cuts in March!


Deadline is Tuesday, February 17th

Rough Cuts is currently seeking documentaries in post for our next event on Tuesday, March 10th at the Dolby Screening Room in San Francisco 

We are seeking long-form works with a final running time of 40 minutes or longer. Principal photography should have been completed, and we encourage filmmakers to submit cuts that are in the later stages of post-production (i.e. NOT first or second cuts).


Also, filmmakers who submit are eligible for Fine Cuts, our new editorial consultation program.

Filmmakers can now submit two ways—eletronically or via mail (including UPS, Fed Ex, etc.)


To submit, visit:


And for more details about Rough Cuts and our programs, visit:



Upcoming Rough Cuts Events in 2015


Tuesday, March 10th

(Deadline to submit is Tuesday, February 17th)


Tuesday, May 12th

(Deadline to submit is Tuesday, April 21st)


Wednesday, September 9th

(Deadline to submit is Wednesday, August 12th)


Tuesday, November 3rd

(Deadline to submit is Tuesday, October 6th)

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