Seeking Business/Industry reporters for collaboration

Hello FC community – Happy New Year! For the first post of 2015, I have a very cool opportunity from Willa Kammerer. Details below! -Mia

I'm producing an ongoing series of videos for a NY-based startup directed at live audiences of entrepreneurs around the world. It's a project that walks the line between documentary and commercial, and that I've found quite interesting. My client is hoping to be able to scale the project quickly, and so I'm looking to develop relationships with a handful of business and industry public radio reporters (producers, non-pub radio bloggers, etc) to be involved in the capacity of Producer, which would involve story research, interviewing, and story production during pre-production, production, and post-production of these videos, working in collaboration with audio and camerapersons in the field, and a video editor during post-production. My vision (and my client's) for this is to be able to have 4 videos in production at once, so each Producer would be working on 1-2 projects at once, depending on availability, with me or another collaborator as the main point person. The point of involving you is to move forward efficiently and really establish a system for producing these, so I am hesitant to stack too much on any one Producer's plate. 
I'm looking for Producers with a good deal of business and/or industry experience and insights, who will feel comfortable interviewing CEOs, Co-Founders, and CTOs, and digging into the details. The first company we profiled is the fast-growing startup Grovo. We've been mostly focused on the tech/internet industry to start, but as my client scales the plan is to create content across a number of industries (everything from Medical Devices to Materials & Construction, etc.) so if you have niche interest in any industry, I'm interested in talking to you, too! It would be great to find collaborators for this project to work with on an ongoing basis (maybe one video a month or every other month, or more), who could also take initiative in suggesting and connecting with companies that you might have connections or prior experience with. We are seeking fresh insights from our interviewees and to share information and knowledge that doesn't often make it outside of the corner office. The videos are long form, about 20 mins each, broken into different sections, so we have a lot of space to play with. 
My client thought that business bloggers could be a good fit to be involved from a story production/interviewing standpoint because of their deep knowledge of the business landscape, but I immediately thought public radio producers might be an even better fit because of your production experience! Of course, any video experience could be valuable too, but for this it's certainly not a prerequisite

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