outLoud call for submissions at Youth Radio, deadline Dec 16

Please pass this along to the young people in your life. A great opportunity for LBGT youth to get involved with a fantastic program. Details below.


outLoud Radio – now at Youth Radio – wants to hear from you!

Holiday time can be super stressful, especially if you’re young and queer. How are you feeling this time of year? Are you in contact with your family? Do you go home for holidays or get together with extended family? Are you out to them? Are you planning to come out? What do you talk about together or what conversations do you avoid? Do you invite a significant other home? What comes up for you as a young LGBTQ person during this time of year?

outLoud Radio at Youth Radio is looking for your words and comments on this topic. Write or send a video (via YouTube) and we’ll post it on our website!

Here are the details:

  • Email us (300 words or less) or send a video (2 minutes or less, published on YouTube so we can embed)

  • Include your name and age (specify if you want your name published)

  • Add a picture- maybe you with your family or another photo you’d like published with your piece (optional)

  • Express yourself honestly, but please no cuss-words, hate speech, disrespectful language or anything else that might prevent us from posting your submission

  • All submissions must be emailed to Youth Radio by Dec 16 to be considered for publication

  • Specifically looking for submissions from people under the age of 25

To submit:

Send an email to outloud@youthradio.org

Make the subject: Holiday outLoud Submission

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!

outLoud Radio at Youth Radio

1701 Broadway | Oakland, CA 94612 
outloud@youthradio | P: 510-251-1101 

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