Radio Ambulante Call for Pitches

The fantastic Radio Ambulante is looking for stories. Details HERE and below. They'll also be hosting a Google Hangout to talk about their production process, the kinds of stories they're looking for, etc., this Thursday, December 4 at 9am PST/noon EST. The conversation will be in Spanish, and they'll be taking questions. Here's the link if you want to join. Spread the word to your producer friends in Latin America!


Radio Ambulante is looking for stories! The call for pitches will be open from December 1 until January 15.

We are looking for stories from anywhere Spanish is spoken but we’re particularly interested in stories from countries we haven’t covered before, including Bolivia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Paraguay, El Salvador, and Ecuador. If you have a great story from Brazil that can be told in Spanish, we’re definitely interested.

The process is as follows:

We’ll read every pitch, and if we’re interested we’ll be in touch with further questions. When writing us, make sure you tell us in detail what the story is about, who the main characters are, what the arc of the story is.

Keep in mind we’re interested in well-developed stories, not general themes. The more specific you are, the more likely we are to accept your proposal. Something has to happen in your story. If nothing happens, then it isn’t right for us. Details are good for us when pitching a story… Imagine that you are telling this story to your friends: any dramatic thing or funny or interesting you have to include, because you want to entertain them… We want to know that you understand what makes the story a good one, so use all the dramatic elements in your pitch that you are thinking in using in the story.

If you’ve already done the interviews and have tape ready, choose a few short clips and attach those as well. Tell us who you are, your experience in journalism, and what kind of recording equipment you’re using.

We ask that all our audio to be recorded in .wav, .pcm or .aiff, at 44.1 khz with 16-bit sampling.

To further explain the process of pitching a story for us we are having a Google Hangout on Thursday, December 4, 12:00 EST.

Send your pitch to


Radio Ambulante

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