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Just in time for the holiday season – BackStory wants your shopping stories. Details below. -Mia

BackStory is looking for stories for an upcoming episode about the history of SHOPPING in America. The episode focuses on consumerism — not so much on marketing or advertising. We’re looking for stories about: the history of shopping practices, peddling, historical stories from behind the sales counter, stories about historical shopaholics, and especially stories and ideas from the early days of the republic. Also, you might suggest something about how shopping has been depicted in movies or literature.

Here’s a link to the pitch page of our web site, for info about what makes a good BackStory pitch:

The more concise your pitch, the better. Include what, if any, sources you would use in your story and how you would produce them. Also give us an idea about what you imagine your piece would sound like (field tape, scoring, effects, readings, etc.). We’re open to non-narrated features, written essays, and reported pieces. In general, pieces run from three to ten minutes in length. Email Associate Producer Kelly Jones at <khjones at virginia dot edu>, with “PITCH:” in your subject line. We’ll do our best to be in touch with you within two weeks of receiving your pitch.


Kelly Jones
Associate Producer, BackStory
Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
(w) 434-243-2188
(c) 703-407-9131

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