Latino USA call for pitches

From the fine folks at Latino USA:

Latino USA has the following show themes coming up in the next few months, and we’d welcome your pitches:


Space: Outer space, personal space, mental and physical space.


A Latino History of the US: Oral histories, memories of migration to the US, stories about immigrant communities and places that used to be occupied by Spain or Mexico.


Family: Stories that go beyond the traditional notion of the nuclear or extended family, to also include communities, and the people you end up living with and adopting as your own.


Why Not Me?: Everything from being left out to taking a chance (auditioning, trying out, buying a lottery ticket).


Push It: From drugs to births to limits.


Pretending: From fraud and lies to make-believe and play.


Move It: People and things.


Please send your pitches directly to:

Pitch meetings take place on Fridays, and we try to respond to your pitch by early the following week.

If you’re pitching for the first time, please tell us a little about yourself and include a couple of samples of your audio work.

Latino USA pays $125 per broadcast minute and $25 for a photo for the website.

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