Freelance Cafe West gathering March 31 and NEW peer learning exchange

Hey Bay Area folks. Lots of exciting happenings on the horizon. First, the next monthly gathering is March 31 at 6:30 pm. 2374 Eunice St. in Berkeley. Here's the Facebook invite.

Second, FC member Luisa Beck has an idea for a Bay Area peer learning exchange. So cool! See her note below.

And finally, I'm coming for a visit and would love to see the FC West crew. Join me on April 17 for a screening of Sam Grant's documentary, A Fragile Trust at the Roxie in SF at 7pm, followed by drinks at a nearby location TBD. Get tickets early because the show will sell out!
From FC West member Luisa Beck:
Hey freelancers, 
At the last Freelancer Cafe gathering, we had this idea of setting up a peer learning exchange. As freelancers, we've all gathered these bits of knowledge from the many projects and jobs most of us have had to juggle. As a result, we probably all have expertise in different software, grant writing, website design, recording techniques, etc. etc. So what if we found a way to match freelancers by skill and learning goals?  
To do this, I set up a google spreadsheet with a list of names, skills people can teach and want to learn, and hours taught.The idea is that if you teach a certain number of hours, you can take those hours and learn from anyone else in the learning exchange network. So for example, I can teach someone how to customize a WordPress site. And I want to learn more about sound design. But the person I'm teaching WordPress to doesn't know anything about sound design. So I basically rack up "teaching currency" when I teach WordPress for two hours. And then I can go to someone else who knows more about sound design and and use my two hours of "teaching currency" to become a sound master. And that person can then go to someone else in the network and learn about what they want to learn, etc. 
So sign up if you're interested! There's also a column F for a "draft feedback exchange", which is basically for people who are interested in sending each other's drafts of what they're working on and getting feedback. 
Ok, now quick, sign up! Or shoot us a note about ways to make a learning exchange even better. 

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