Latino USA call for pitches

The latest from Latino USA.

Latino USA is seeking pitches for the following programs that will be coming up in the next few months:

  • Work It: Labor, working, being for or against unions. Example: a story about African American and Latino workers coming together in New Orleans.
  • Queer: Not only in the sexual sense, but also stories about odd jobs or odd experiences. Example: a piece about transgendered immigrant women who minister street medicine to each other, rather than trusting the medical establishment.
  • Larger than Life: Heavy hitters who fill up the page (or the sound file). Example: a profile of an octogenarian who fought for farmworkers alongside Cesar Chavez and survived being shot 7 times.
  • New Beginnings: Parenthood, getting free of addiction, first jobs, leaving home. Example: a profile of a family in Colombia trying to rebuild their village against all odds, after it was destroyed by paramilitaries.
  • Fiction: Write your own original stories for Latino USA. Example: a radio play with creative use of audio.
  • Space: Everything from outer space to personal space to mental space. Go the distance!

Please send your pitches to:

Pitch meetings take place every Friday and we try to respond to each pitch by early the following week.

The pay rate is $125 per broadcast minute. The show welcomes stories that include diverse accents and other languages.


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