Hi-Tech Historical Display Project in Mountain View seeks collaborators

Hey Bay Area folks. Had an interesting opportunity cross my desk – a large multi-media project about Mountain View history and culture. They're looking to build a whole team and definitely have a budget available… Could be hourly, or a project rate of up to $7500 for the right person to head things up. Some details below. Contact Roger Burnell for more info: (650) 948-0300 <rburnell@arnellent.com>
This from the Craigslist posting:

Hi-Tech Historical Display Project (mountain view)

*** NEW, Exciting History, Cultural & Technology Project Opportunity – in cooperation with the Mountain View History Association and the Mountain View Library, a special Hi-Tech project is now being launched to capture the history of Mountain View in a large Hi-Def Audio-Video Presentation that will be placed on permanent active display next to Castro Street in Downtown Mountain View.

This is an Invitation for you to participate if you are interested in and/or excited by making a significant contribution to the City and surrounding community of Mountain View, its past, its present and its technological future, and would like to be part of launching this project.

The Project Developers are now looking for and assembling key persons to contribute their talent(s) and interests to this wonderful project.

Needed person(s) and specialized talent(s) include:
• Teachers: current, prior, or retired teachers in the History, English, Sociology, General Education, art, visual arts, Graphic Arts, Photography, or extended community services fields;
• Current Cultural Event Opportunists: Art, Museum, Events, Tours, Topics of regional interest, Education, Sports, Special Events, Etc.
• Future, Hi-Tech Visionaries, Presenters, and Acolytes
• Content Developers and/or Graphic Designers: Presentation/Display Production Managers – amateur or professional, able to research, accumulate, and organize all relevant content/materials, and to produce and/or manage video content, as well as conduct studio Audio Session(s) for voice actors (or those with a "documentary-styled" speaking voice or ability)

This need is applicable to:
• Students: Current, Part-time, or recent grads; Internship for Credit available.
• Amateur or professional participants, historians, social scientists, cultural affairs enthusiasts, and creative-minded, visionary (Hi-Tech) supporters and applicants;
• Retired persons bringing pertinent background/experience or credentials in the areas mentioned, applicable to activating this project for the Mountain View / Sunnyvale / Los Altos Region

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