Radiovision 2013, Oct 19, NYC


Scholastic Auditorium

557 Broadway, NYC

Saturday, October 19th

Celebrating its 3rd year, Radiovision celebrates radio's future as it takes on new forms in the digital age for the medium's fans, tinkerers, and future thinkers. It includes a day of talks, panel discussions and performances, featuring keynote speaker Laurie Anderson.

Programming highlights: New Streaming services and Community platforms – Native advertising and content creation – New funding models for radio and independent producers, plus sessions on radio essays, comedy podcasts, DJ tools and more.




Laurie Anderson,  Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Julie Klausner (Comedian), Ken Freedman (WFMU), Starlee Kine (This American Life), Alex Blumberg (Planet Money), Jonathan Goldstein (WireTap), Rob Walker (Author), Tom Scharpling (Comedian, WFMU), Jake Fogelnest (Comedian), Elena Razlogova (McGill University), Jon Ronson (Radio 4), Diana Kimball (SoundCloud), Liz Berg (WFMU) & More to Come!

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