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New show, new opportunities! Details below. -Mia


The Knowledge Drop

We are a new production company and this is a new show. We encourage newbies that are talented as well…mostly because we are new too :)! If you have other skills such as being a freelance journalist and are available for local coverage/write ups and/or are a serious writer on political events and global issues (no matter if you lean left, right or center) reach out to us as well. We are looking to establish a solid relationship with a journalist in the next 2-4 months, so reach out!

**A New Production** 

The Knowledge Drop is educational in nature. The topics should be related to political governments only. The topic should teach, in an interesting manner, something about a political system or function of government that is not currently known, or, is widely misunderstood. An example topic maybe the Electoral College or how the Security Council  operates.  Also, it could be historical; for example, how the United States went from in-direct to direct election of senators. Although we are open to interesting ideas, the design is as follows: (1) What is it the topic; (2) What is the Misconception about the topic; (3) How did we get that misconception; and (4) what is the actual truth.  Think "I am Just A bill" (I'm Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)) except this is for adults.

Be creative. This should not be boring or have the "feel" of sitting on the soft. It should be alive.

show: planned for weekly, initial distribution twice per month

Time: 4-7 minutes
compensation: $125 – $300+ depending on experience of the producer. (Most selected pieces will sit in the lower range because of our budget).

pitch: Send all pitches in email form to:

**We are brand new; so, please…feel free to pitch what you know.  Be sure to send a link to a current production or sample audio you have and your level of experience.**

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