KQED seeks Multimedia Content Producers for news explainer blog

They're hiring content producers at my old stomping grounds. A few additional words from the hiring producer at KQED:

Freelancers don't need to be local. The compensation will vary somewhat, but for a multimedia piece with a short accompanying text explainer, I'm thinking somewhere in the ballpark of $200.

Contact Matthew Green with the material requested below – mgreen@kqed.org.

Hi all,

I run a news explainer blog at KQED public media. It's called The Lowdown, and exists to provide background context and basic analysis on key news events. The site – which launched last year – is geared to both general audiences and high school social studies teachers interested in integrating current events into their curriculum.

I'm looking to assemble a small group of fairly regular content producers who ideally have the following qualifications (in order of importance):

1.  Strong writing skills:  must be able to produce well researched, accurate, and very clean copy that does not require a major editing overhaul.

2. A solid arsenal of multimedia production skills: the site features interactive maps, audio slideshows (and other interactive presentation formats), short video clips, infographics and interactive charts. Ideally, you have experience producing most of these assets. It'd also be great (but not essential) if you have some basic Javascript knowledge and experience with jquery, as I'm always interested in new formats.

3. Ideally (but not required), some degree of eduction experience. This is a perfect gig for teachers turned journalists.  Having a basic understanding of high school social studies standards and some grasp of what it's like to be a teacher is a huge plus.

A lot to ask, right?

If interested, please send me a few clips (that illustrate your writing and multimedia skills) along with a list of your journalism/education experience and skill set.

In terms of compensation, I obviously can't pay a huge amount (big surprise), but I do have some degree of flexibility, and am committed to paying a fare wage for solid work that I'd wager is a a good deal more than standard web journalism freelance gigs (I was a freelancer myself not long ago, so I've walked the walk).  

I should also mention that over a year ago, at the start of my project, a sent out a call for freelancers to this listserve, but decided I still needed to further refine the site. So, if you responded to me back then, and I never got back to you, sorry about that – it doesn't mean I wasn't interested! Please apply again.

Thanks very much!

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