Call for Pitches from Snap Judgment

Snap Judgement is looking for stories. Check out their HOW TO materials and see their specific call for pitches below.

Snap Judgment is looking for stories for our upcoming themes. We're looking for highly narrative, personal stories, with something at stake and a surprising plot. Here's our theme list, but if you have anything you think would work well, feel free to send it. Send pitches to

True stories about the fables that we share. We're working on a story about how the legend of an occult group from the 1800s became something else today, and an investigation of how rumors of vampires arose in New Orleans, thanks in part to a group of mail order brides whose luggage looked a lot like caskets. Maybe you have a story of a legend you and your friends came up with and later discovered the truth about?

Stories that happen in limbo. An airplane terminal, a bus stop, in between relationships, in between jobs.

Stories of the underground, literal and figurative. Stories involving black markets, cave exploration, mining,

Other themes coming up later:
* Chain of Command
* The Recipe
* Layover
* Nerd
* He Said/She Said (Stories with two differing versions, told by two narrators)
* Viral

2 thoughts on “Call for Pitches from Snap Judgment”

  1. Hi Simone. You’d have to contact the show directly for more details. I’m just passing along all the information I have. I can tell you that Snap Judgment is always looking for great new ideas, though my guess is that these are old news at this point… I’ll pass along the newest call for pitches whenever it comes across my desk!

  2. This page appears to have been posted in April. There is a list of ‘upcoming themes’ with no notion of when they are coming. Can you do something about your posting that helps potential submitters to know what’s current – actually upcoming including perhaps ‘deadline dates’? Or remove any/all but most current post (?)…or help me understand how it is I/one can find what’s current, upcoming, etc. (Because I travel a lot internationally I cannot personally always keep up on what themes have aired versus are coming up.)

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