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Create a mashup, win an ipad. More fun from the Free Music Archive. Details below! -mia

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 Video Mashup Contest With Prelinger Archives

Contest Video

Have you ever thought music from the Free Music Archive would pair nicely with all that great retro video ephemera in the Prelinger Archives? Here's your chance to show your vision in a contest we're calling "The Past Re-imagined As The Future." Enter before Nov. 4th and help us explore the possibilities of open digital archives.

Visit our contest portal for a fun how-to video, information about our winners screening at Anthology, pictures of our dashing panel of judges, and questions that are frequently asked. Two winners will receive an iThing! Plus, there's always the added prize that if you spend enough hours watching old timey videos, you just might find your 20's doppelganger.  — Andrea



Actual Reality By Lucky Dragons
Named Wired Magazine’s “Most Wired Musician,” Lucky Dragons uses a Google search for the phrase "Actual Reality" to create a candid and democratic view of the Internet. [link]

Music For ProducersMusic for Video: Autumn Mix

We have a fresh bushel of Royalty-Free songs up now on our Music for Video portal. These are all instrumental tracks that are perfect for your projects, including everything from dark dubstep to energetic electronic. [link]

Brewster Kahle on Radio Free Culture

Brewster Kahle, the founder and digital librarian of The Internet Archive, was our guest on Radio Free Culture. He was interviewed by Ken Freedman, WFMU's station manager. [link]

More Highlights

Asian Women on the TelephoneNew post-punk industrial groove experiments from Moscow's Asian Women on the Telephone. [link]


Blake FlemmingThe solo debut from Blake Fleming (Laddio Bolocko, Dazzling Killmen, Mars Volta) is 100% percussion, and catchy as all get out! [link]

Subterrâneo Records is a new label from Salvador, Bahia. Você Pensa Sub is a six-track introductory comp ranging from irresistible Bahia-pop grooves to hip-hop and new takes on traditional Brazilian song structures. [link]


eyebeam art and technology center

Welcome our new curator, Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, offering duo improvisations from by Mikael Jorgensen (of Wilco fame) and Travis Thatcher. [link]

Onterio Independent Music Archive

The Ontario Independent Music Archive will collect and preserve new and older independent music from Ontario, including releases that were only issued in limited runs on cassette and vinyl. [link]



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