Wick Magazine Call for Collaborators

Here's an interesting new digital media project. They're especially interested in pushing the online magazine format to incorporate more audio storytelling. Their website doesn't have any content yet, but there's an email address below to contact if you're interested in getting involved. -Mia ________________________


The Project:

“Wick” is a new digital multimedia magazine with the beta issue now under development. Envisioned for the web and iPad, the magazine will be a platform for creative storytellers to push their work to unconventional places, with particular emphasis on experimental media formats. We believe that different media can be purposefully woven together to tell stories in original and illuminating ways.

Our goal is to empower a new generation of writers, photographers, audio and video producers, animators, designers, artists, and other storytellers who want to expand the boundaries of their work to other media. We want to foster collaboration between creative camps that are too often isolated from one another.

Our plan for the final months of 2012 is to build our team and to curate a set of stories for our beta issue, the theme of which will be “Streets and Roads.” After releasing the issue, we will be looking to attract funds and partnerships that will help us continue the project on a continuing basis.

A Call for Collaborators:

We are looking for people passionate about the future of digital storytelling to join our team and help us create the beta issue of Wick. If you’re interested in any of the roles mentioned below, please email us at info@wickmag.com.

  • Coders / Designers: We need creative, tech-savvy people versed in designing for web and iOS who want in on the ground floor of a new publication. This is not a call for people to work under heavy direction, but an invitation to be true collaborators and founding partners.

  • Editors: We are looking for a few key editors who want to help curate different sections of the magazine, edit copy, and work with contributors to come up with new and creative ways to add to their stories. The beta issue will be an open and collaborative project. Editors will be welcome to contribute to the issue.

  • Contributors: Of course all the design, planning, and ideas for our magazine are nothing without the actual stories! We invite anyone to pitch us with ideas that they would like to contribute to Wick. While we are looking primarily for stories that can be tied to the beta issue’s theme of “Streets and Roads,” we want people to feel free to submit other great ideas that may inspire themes for future issues. Although we will not define rigid sections, we are looking for journalism/nonfiction, fiction, poetry, photography, video, audio, and graphic storytelling. All pitches should cover the basics of the story, what different media you want to write/produce it in, and how you want to integrate the media. We also invite people to submit a piece or idea with the intention of finding a collaborator to expand the project. As we put our core team together, it may take a little bit of time to respond to all submissions, but rest assured you will hear back from us.

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