Audio Engineer Needed, NYC

Hey NYC audio folks – interesting opportunity for the right producer/engineer. Details below.

I am a host moving from a prerecorded environment to a live show in New York City Metro. The show will air 9am – 11am M-F. I need to find a producer/audio engineer/BFF–who needs very little sleep (at least for the first month)–to be my right arm, left foot and, frankly, my spine.

Please don't send me any attachments. I do not want anything fancy. All I want to know is the following: (1) What is your work history, (2) links to any audio/visual samples, and (3) the exact amount you would expect to make per a YEAR for the FIRST year of the show being on air. [Send items to:].

For the corporate types, the professional job advert is below:

Title: Audio Engineer/Creative Producer
Hire Type: Full-Time or Part-Time (depending upon experience/knowledge)
Hire Date: 21 June 2012
Initial Contract Term: 26 June 2012 – 25 June 2013
Work Days: M-F, occasional weekend/holiday work (extra days are paid extra)
Work Time: 5:30AM – 12:30NOON (1st month will be longer days and late evenings)
Base Pay Range: (TBD)
Benefits/Perks: No-Benefits at this time
Supervisor: Show Host


New live broadcast show needs an audio engineer/producer: This person MUST have a good ear and be responsible for:

General supervision of the broadcast clock, interns, guests and callers

Development/supervision of show imaging and music
Operations for the broadcast console, sound board/jingle palette
Monitor of live audio/video stream
Get/keep the show on the air on time every day
Programming of breaks including adverts, social service announcements
Other duties often related to the production of the show

Preference will go to producers that: (a) posses solid and creative production/music/audio skills; (b) have some commercial radio experience; and (c) is funny.

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