America Abroad seeking US pitches

Hey folks. A quick turn-around opportunity with America Abroad. Shoot an email to A.C. if you want more information, and to get on his list for future calls for pitches.



You might know me as Diane Rehm's former call screener and a longtime independent producer in my own right. Recently I was hired as a producer for America Abroad, PRI's monthly show on international affairs.

I'm working right now at growing my rolodex of reporters both here in the US and abroad, and since we focus primarily on international affairs, I'm very excited to connect with anybody who might want to help us out in the future, particularly if you're an expat reporter.

However! This month we're looking to make a local/global connection happen. We're focusing on water issues all over the globe. What we're trying to do is tie a water-related issue in the US into the water crisis in the world at large, either in terms of sanitation, water recycling, irrigation, solving scarcity problems, policies that need to be examined in terms of environmental cleanup, that kind of thing.

If you're from a dry area of the US, know of any exciting technological innovations that are happening here and can be applied to other places, are familiar with river issues in your area that apply elsewhere, or have another story you're willing to pitch, I want to hear from you! Here's the challenge, though: we're looking to have a story ready to go by the 5th of June (we feed to stations on the first Tuesday of each month).

Please shoot me a note off-list at

A.C. Valdez

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