KDMC Multimedia Storytelling Institute – June 2012

KDMC – one of my favorite resources for multimedia – is expanding their offerings. Do one of their workshops if you can!

Journalism Today Requires That Reporters Have The Flexibility To Tell Stories Across Multiple Platforms

Getting stories to the world demands having the ability to use emerging digital media in an increasingly complex information ecosystem.

The KDMC Multimedia Storytelling Institute is a unique opportunity to learn critical digital skills from industry leaders at the world's premier center for applied digital communications.

Our two-week, June 18-29, 2012, intensive Multimedia Storytelling Institute will help you develop transformative skills to deliver rich multi-platform content for sustainable journalism.

What You Will Learn

  • Strategies for multimedia story planning, production and delivery using mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms,
  • Hands-on field reporting to learn professional video, photo and mobile techniques,
  • Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X for editing visual content,
  • Data storytelling with interactive databases, visualizations and maps,
  • Social Media for reporting, content distribution and community engagement,
  • Each participant takes home an iPad with the complete training curriculum.
  • What Journalists Are Saying About KDMC

    "It was that real-world component that really set it apart. I have many concepts I can bring directly back to the newsroom."- Marisa Kwiatkowski, Digital Storytelling 2012

    "This was an incredible experience. The stuff we learned is all very practical, and I know I can put it all into use immediately in my newsroom (and use it to train others)."-Jennifer Peebles, Multimedia Training 2011

    "I have used the audio editing, soundslides and video skills frequently over the past several months, especially during my time covering the Iran elections in June. I also use a lot of the overall 'big picture' multimedia skills nearly every second that I work. I really feel that the KDMC training gave me the edge needed to succeed in this job. Thank you!"- Anna Johnson, Multimedia Workshop 2009

    To Register or for More Information Contact

    Vicki Hammarstedt
    Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley

    2 thoughts on “KDMC Multimedia Storytelling Institute – June 2012”

    1. Hi Patricia. Sorry for the delay in response, and I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your job. I don’t have any direct connection to KDMC (besides having attended one of their workshops awhile back), but I can tell you that they are wonderful people and they should be able to provide you information about scholarships, etc. You should contact them directly – here’s the contact info:Vicki Hammarstedt, vhammarstedt@berkeley.edu, +1.510.642.3892. Best of luck to you!

    2. I really would love to do this workshop. However, I lost my job after 22 years in television production with no severance. I would like to know if you offer any type of scholarship or if I could work through it, and help out so I could get a discount. Please let me know.

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