American Folklife Center Fellowships for Culture of American Workers, proposal deadline March 11

I'm not sure what "pending funding" means, but this looks like a great opportunity. Details below.


Archie Green Fellowships

The 2011 competition for Archie Green Fellowships is now open, pending funding. 

To honor the memory of Archie Green (1917-2009), the pioneering folklorist who championed the establishment of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress and was a scholar and advocate for the documentation and analysis of the culture and traditions that arise from and are passed on by American workers, a fellowship program has been established at the American Folklife Center.

The Archie Green Fellowships will support new documentation and research into the culture and traditions of American workers and will create significant digital archival collections (audio recordings, photographs, motion pictures, fieldnotes) that will be preserved in the American Folklife Center archive and made available to researchers and the public.

Radio Associate Producer – The Callie Crossley Show (Boston)

Not sure if there are any Boston producers on this list, but figured I'd pass it along just in case. Happy Holidays all!


Type: Full time Posted on 08 Dec-2010

Job Req # 4970
Date opened 24 Nov-2010
Posting title Radio Associate Producer [Radio] – The Callie Crossley Show (Boston)
Position Type AEEF, Full Time, Project Contract
Department Radio
Proposed Salary Range $37,464 – $38,000
Union Salary Range $37,464 – $53,324
Department Overview WGBH Radio's news department seeks to inform, educate and enlighten our audience on both the news of the day and the news in historical context through in-depth, high quality radio journalism using the best tools and methods of the craft. WGBH news seeks always to report on and facilitate discussion of the news with integrity, fairness, balance, accuracy and civility, WGBH news also seeks to tell the stories of and allow expression of the diversity of voices that make up our entire community.

Position Overview
The Associate Producer is responsible for working with host and producer to produce WGBH's daily public affairs show, The Callie Crossley Show. Make story pitches and develop those pitches for broadcast. Select, contact, and schedule program guests. Gather background materials for host. Update web content. Gather and edit audio material for program for air and Web. Screen callers for live broadcast. As needed, the producer will perform all necessary tasks as director during the broadcast, including, cuing host, cuing engineer, greeting and preparation of program guests and coordination with technical help. Perform all administrative duties as assigned. Book segment, pre-interview guests, follow through on story development from a pitch to the actual radio conversation. Responsible for supporting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and interacting in a way that is free from discrimination, intolerance or harassment.

Requirements Overview
A Bachelor's degree is required. Must have at least 3 years of radio and broadcast journalism experience, preferably on public broadcasting. A live daily show experience is essential. Must be a self-starter and able to work collaboratively with a small staff. Must have excellent organizational skills and attention to detail, general knowledge of this region and news talk programming and ability to plan in advance. Proven ability for story pitches and development skills as well as ability to manage many tasks simultaneously is required. Expected to be interested in a wide range of areas beyond current events, including arts, culture, film, history, science and public policy. Digital editing experience is desirable.

Application available at or via direct link:*6td*dw4QpRBkBkI8LY83igyov0p8YG*7iCucPv*Bj*sZ*H6Lg–&bgrndcolor=333399&font=Arial&headercolor=FFFFFF

Freelance Guild Member info for dental/vision coverage

Good news on vision/dental insurance from the Bay Area Freelancer's Guild.


We are happy to report that members of the Freelance Unit are now
eligible to participate in group dental and vision plans. Dental is
through Delta Dental, which includes about 92 percent of all dentists
in the state. Vision is through VSP, which is widely accepted.

The open enrollment period starts now and ends Jan. 31, 2011. People
who become members subsequent to open enrollment will have a three-
month waiting period. You have the option of selection one or both
plans. Billing and administration will be handled by Dublin Insurance
Services, of Dublin, Calif.

Although open enrollment extends through the end of January, it is
possible to sign up for an earlier start.

Please read this carefully and if you elect to enroll IMMEDIATELY send
your name, the number of family members who will enroll, your mailing
address and phone number to:  Margot Wallace,

We will forward that information to Dublin Insurance, which will then
mail you enrollment forms and more information on coverage.

Health coverage through Kaiser is still a work in progress (More

Here’s a summary of coverage for the dental plan:

                                               In Network:                             Out of

Diagnostic and Preventative:    100%                                    100%
Basic                                    90%                                    85%
Prosthodontics                           60%                                    50%

Annual Benefit Maximum                             $2000
Individual Deductible                                  $25
Family Deductible                                             $75

Monthly Rates:  Enrolled member only $49.26
Member plus:  $90.35
Member plus 2 or more: $143.64

Here’s a summary of coverage for the vision plan:
Copay per plan year     $24
Vision Exams                    1 per 12 months
Prescription Lenses     1 per 12 months
Frames                          1 per 12 months
Frame/contacts allowance        $130

Monthly Rates:Enrolled member only $8.46
Member plus 1: $14.07
Member plus 2 or more: $25.21

The benefits table can also be found at

Questions? Email

Bill Snyder
Rebecca Rosen Lum
Health Benefits Committee


One of the best radio shows out there needs your ideas! Details below.


Hey everyone,

Radiolab will be sending out a couple story calls for pitches over the next short while…I thought I'd start small by requesting pitches for our next show: Maps.

A quick note about process: If you have ideas, please send them to with STORY PITCH in the subject line. We're a small team and read every one. If we like the idea, we'll contact you within a week. If the idea isn't quite right for us, we'll try our best to let you know that quickly. If you don't hear from us within a week, assume that we're going another direction.

So, maps. Here's a quick summary of the show and what we're after.

MAPS: We're interested in the objects themselves but also how people navigate through space. We'll be looking at people who have terrible sense of direction (not just just terrible like me, but folks who can't find their way from their bathroom to their living room). We have a story of a lady who falls into the latter category. And we're looking into a frothy debate on homing pigeons. We're also pursuing a story about a guy who ended up getting his house demolished because the demo crew plugged the wrong coordinates into their GPS units.

But what we're still missing is something experiential… a discovery of the heart…perhaps a story where a person emotionally gets very lost and then charts their path to being found. Perhaps a story of a person seeing their town on the map for the first time and forever being changed as a result. Who knows.

If you have any ideas, we'd love to hear them. And thanks everyone in advance!

Jad Abumrad
WNYC's Radiolab

State of the Re:Union seeking interns

Another opportunity for those just getting started in radio. This is an internship – so no dough, but a chance to work with a great production team. Working remotely is totally okay. Runs January to May.


State of the Re:Union (SOTRU) is a dynamic, nationally-aired NPR show and new type of multimedia program that combines hour-long radio episodes with documentary shorts, video podcasts, images, music and written articles to immerse its audience in new and exciting ways. With each episode SOTRU travels to a different American city to

explore what makes a community, discover the people who bring it together and understand the issues they face.

SOTRU currently has several openings for interns. Interns will mainly be responsible for transcribing audio interviews as well as other special projects that include story research, podcast production, scheduling interviews and making contacts.

As a SOTRU intern, you will also have the unique opportunity to listen in on editorial calls with our host, content editor and radio producers.

To be considered for this internship, you should have a strong creative background, solid editorial skills and be able to take direction and work independently.

If interested, please submit your resume to:

Brenton Crozier, Multimedia Producer

Thank you for your interest in State of the Re:Union!

International Reporting Fellowships Deadline MONDAY 12/20

Really tight deadline for this one (due MONDAY!) but a great opportunity to do overseas reporting. Details and link below.


Applications for Global Health Reporting Fellowships Due Monday!
Application deadline: December 20, 2010

U.S. journalists who are interested in reporting on global health
stories are invited to apply for up to five IRP Fellowships in Global
Health Reporting that will be run from March 10 to May 14, 2011, as
part of a special IRP reporting grant.

Selected journalists will spend two weeks in Washington, D.C., at the
IRP offices preparing for their overseas trip and then five weeks
reporting on their chosen health topics in the country of their
choice. Topics may include reporting about diseases such as HIV/AIDS,
malaria, tuberculosis; maternal and child health; or new scientific
research to reduce the impact of global diseases. Fellows will return
to Washington for a final two weeks of reporting and presentations of
their findings.

Learn more and apply now!

Deadline December 31

Excellent opportunity for recent grads interested in public radio.


The NPR Kroc Fellowship was established to identify and develop a new generation of extraordinary journalists for the public radio system.

Who Should Apply
NPR is looking for a diverse pool of applicants who aspire to work in public radio. Candidates must be just completing college or graduate school, or be out of school for one year or less as of December 31, 2010. They do not need journalism or radio experience, but must demonstrate exceptional potential and drive. PLEASE CLICK ON THE FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION REGARDING ELIGIBILITY.

Fellowship In Brief
Three Kroc Fellows will be accepted into the program this year. The Fellowship begins in August 2011 and lasts one year. It includes a stipend of more than $40,000, plus benefits, which include paid vacation. Fellows will get rigorous, hands-on training in every aspect of public radio journalism — writing, reporting, producing and editing, for both radio and the Web. Kroc Fellows will work primarily at NPR headquarters in Washington D.C., though each Fellowship will include an assignment to an NPR member station.

Application Process
Download Application at
Applications will be accepted beginning November 1, 2010 but must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2010.

Candidates should submit:
   * Resume
   * Three references, at least two of which are from professional or academic contacts. (Forms will be provided.)
   * Academic transcript(s)
   * A cover letter explaining why the candidate should be selected by the Kroc Fellowship Committee
   * A sample of work reflecting remarkable initiative or accomplishment. This might include a writing sample (of 1000 words or less, please), an excerpt (five minutes or so) from a video production or a musical composition, etc.

Finalists will be brought to Washington, D.C. to take part in an interview in April or May. The three Kroc Fellows will be notified shortly thereafter.

Rotations At NPR
NPR Kroc Fellows will work alongside some of the nation's most respected reporters, producers and editors. The program will ensure the Fellows develop:
   * Production and editorial skills, by working on an NPR show. Past fellows have worked at All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and Weekend Edition Saturday
   * Reporting and on-air experience, by working under the guidance of NPR editors
   * Web writing and multi-media production skills, by working with NPR Digital Media producers and editors
   * First-hand broadcast journalism experience, by working at an NPR member station

NPR will provide Kroc Fellows with professional guidance and assist in job placement toward the close of the one-year Fellowship.

Would you like to learn more?
Please view our frequently asked questions at:

Please direct questions to

A NonProfit News Roundtable

I think about this all the time: how to find journalistic work outside the traditional media outlets – who either aren't hiring, or aren't paying a livable wage. The discussion/link below highlights one of the answers.


Why Nonprofits

By now it is relatively common knowledge that America’s news industry is undergoing profound and frequently tumultuous change. Every news organization is affected by the development of the Internet and the resulting changes in revenue streams, audience habits and community needs. Traditional media companies have been particularly distressed by shifts in the markets and business models that historically supported them—and the conversation about how to “save” or “reinvent” journalism has been largely focused on their concerns.

To a growing group of practitioners, funders and observers, however, the challenge is not saving traditional news organizations or traditional forms of journalism. The challenge is creating, strengthening and protecting informed communities and local information ecosystems, of which journalism is a necessary component.

Thus enters the nonprofit model, which allows organizations to pursue a journalistic mission without the competing demands of operating a for-profit business. Nonprofit news startups have been created in communities across the country, most with funding from major donors or foundations. The Knight Foundation alone has funded more than 200 experiments with what it calls a “build to learn” approach.

Read more:

Snap Judgment Call for MORE stories

Hey folks. Snap Judgment wants your stories. (And they DO PAY!) Details below.


Hey folks, below is a NEW pitch list for seven, upcoming Snap Judgment episodes.
I've included the previous pitch list as well, just in case you had any stories hiding out that you forgot.

Snap Judgment tells both character-narrated and producer-narrated, dramatic, first person, true stories and airs on over 85 stations nationwide. Our stories are heavily produced with music and sound effects and need not have a news hook. Pay scale is on par with other national programs.

We seek stories told from a point of view often under-represented on-air, particularly stories told by folks from foreign, off-the-beaten-path, poor or marginalized communities.  

Bollywood love: Love stories that feature two people from conflicting communities, tribes, casts, religions, political parties, groups or traditions, who overcome the barriers presented by their backgrounds, in the name of love. This entire show will be produced in Bollywood style.
(((Other love: If you have other, truly amazing and dramatic love stories, we’ll take a look at those too.)))

Area 51: Stories about run-ins with conspiracy theories, proof of E.T., alien encounters, U.F.O sightings, secret government space missions, mars landings, the fifth dimension, X-files and Twin Peaks episodes come-true, and visits to the Bermuda Triangle. Examples include the story of a State Police officer who in the 1970s coordinated vigorous interstate investigations of livestock mutilations.

Best Intentions: Stories of the best laid plans, going horribly wrong: international aid resulting in famine, loving a bunny to death, surprise parties ending in cardiac arrest, gifts misunderstood or any stories of well intentioned ideas resulting in chaos, mayhem or disaster.

Adoption Options:  This show is all about adoption and includes the stories of cross-border baby-smuggling, war-time adoption, adopted triplets and the failed searches for lost biological parents.

Abduction:  Stories about being held against your will, narrow escapes, being on lock-down, capturing an enemy, throwing a family member in the trunk of your car, being detained or perhaps even extended periods of being grounded.  Examples include the stories of a Texas oil worker taken hostage in Nigeria.

Mere Mortals: Stories of brushes with death, stupid or brave acts of heroism, encounters with mortality, stupendous survival or coming back from the dead.

International Intrigue: Stories of espionage, spies, secret agents, clandestine missions, sneaking across borders, midnight phone calls from the CIA, and concealed identities. Examples include the story of a man recruited by the CIA.


All In It Together: Go team. Stories about working together, feeling outcast, being accepted, signing-up or going AWOL. Examples include the story of a young man who finds himself at a bar on the night of 9/11 listening to the stories told by emergency workers.

The Wiz: Stories with a Wizard of Oz theme. Think creatively, not just searches for brain, heart and courage, but stories about going home, emerald cities, fake wizards, good witches, tornadoes and your little dog too. Examples include the story of a heart transplant recipient experiencing the memories of his donor.

Tilt: Stories about reaching a tipping point, changing your tune, convincing others, falling from grace, rising to fame, giving-up, standing-up, or more literal stories about tilting, tipping. Examples include the story of a gang of bikers turned born-again.

Waste: Stories about trash, time wasted, lives wasted, money wasted, garbage dumps, e-waste, wasting resources, wasting talent, finding treasure in trash. Examples include the story of a high powered attorney’s slow decline into crack addiction.

Cha-Ching : Stories about the value of a dollar. Stories about learning the worth of something, something that’s value changes with time or with events, losing money, finding money, inheriting money, dirty money, money laundering, winning money, greed or generosity. Examples include the story of a robber who returned his victim’s wallet upon learning that his victim was homeless.

Pitch Procedure

1.     Listen to Snap Judgment.

2.     Check out the “Is your story right for Snap Judgment?” flowchart.

3.     Send your pitch to

4.     The Snap team will discuss your pitch and do our best to get back to you in two weeks.

We can’t wait to hear your stories!


Bay Area Artists Unite For KPFA, A benefit & appreciation party for KPFA 94.1 FM, 12/19, 7-10pm

Great event for KPFA coming up Dec. 19. There's been a lot of drama over there recently so this is a nice chance to focus on the positive and give some support. Details below.


Sunday December 19, 2010

Bay Area Artists Unite For KPFA, A benefit & appreciation party for KPFA 94.1 FM

At La Peña Cultural Center

3105 Shattuck Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94705 USA


$15-50 sliding scale, $10 for students 

This event features some of the Bay’s best musicians, artists and poets all joining artistic forces to support our beloved community radio station, KPFA 94.1 FM. In times of financial and political struggle, we unite through song, spoken word and dance.


An intimate acoustic set with Rupa Marya of Rupa and the April Fishes

Carne Cruda featuring hip hop MC Rico Pabon

La Mission Band performing music from the movie, 'La Mission' 

Las Bomberas De La Bahia, An all female group upholding the Puerto Rican tradition of

Bomba drumming and dancing.

Soulful wonders: Valerie Troutt and Codany Holiday

Poetess Nina Serrano and artist Mamacoatl

Drummer Jaz Sawyer and the Bay Area All Stars: Maya Kronfeld & Howard Wiley

MC’d by Luis Medina with DJ SANTERO + DJ I J Special Guests

* A special thanks to La Pena and all the artists performing and every single person working at KPFA.

For more info visit :

Esther Manilla
KPFA's Morning Show


"I can feel guilty about the past, apprehensive about the future, but only in the present can I act. The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."

-Abraham Maslow