Freelance Guild Member info for dental/vision coverage

Good news on vision/dental insurance from the Bay Area Freelancer's Guild.


We are happy to report that members of the Freelance Unit are now
eligible to participate in group dental and vision plans. Dental is
through Delta Dental, which includes about 92 percent of all dentists
in the state. Vision is through VSP, which is widely accepted.

The open enrollment period starts now and ends Jan. 31, 2011. People
who become members subsequent to open enrollment will have a three-
month waiting period. You have the option of selection one or both
plans. Billing and administration will be handled by Dublin Insurance
Services, of Dublin, Calif.

Although open enrollment extends through the end of January, it is
possible to sign up for an earlier start.

Please read this carefully and if you elect to enroll IMMEDIATELY send
your name, the number of family members who will enroll, your mailing
address and phone number to:  Margot Wallace,

We will forward that information to Dublin Insurance, which will then
mail you enrollment forms and more information on coverage.

Health coverage through Kaiser is still a work in progress (More

Here’s a summary of coverage for the dental plan:

                                               In Network:                             Out of

Diagnostic and Preventative:    100%                                    100%
Basic                                    90%                                    85%
Prosthodontics                           60%                                    50%

Annual Benefit Maximum                             $2000
Individual Deductible                                  $25
Family Deductible                                             $75

Monthly Rates:  Enrolled member only $49.26
Member plus:  $90.35
Member plus 2 or more: $143.64

Here’s a summary of coverage for the vision plan:
Copay per plan year     $24
Vision Exams                    1 per 12 months
Prescription Lenses     1 per 12 months
Frames                          1 per 12 months
Frame/contacts allowance        $130

Monthly Rates:Enrolled member only $8.46
Member plus 1: $14.07
Member plus 2 or more: $25.21

The benefits table can also be found at

Questions? Email

Bill Snyder
Rebecca Rosen Lum
Health Benefits Committee

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