A NonProfit News Roundtable

I think about this all the time: how to find journalistic work outside the traditional media outlets – who either aren't hiring, or aren't paying a livable wage. The discussion/link below highlights one of the answers.


Why Nonprofits

By now it is relatively common knowledge that America’s news industry is undergoing profound and frequently tumultuous change. Every news organization is affected by the development of the Internet and the resulting changes in revenue streams, audience habits and community needs. Traditional media companies have been particularly distressed by shifts in the markets and business models that historically supported them—and the conversation about how to “save” or “reinvent” journalism has been largely focused on their concerns.

To a growing group of practitioners, funders and observers, however, the challenge is not saving traditional news organizations or traditional forms of journalism. The challenge is creating, strengthening and protecting informed communities and local information ecosystems, of which journalism is a necessary component.

Thus enters the nonprofit model, which allows organizations to pursue a journalistic mission without the competing demands of operating a for-profit business. Nonprofit news startups have been created in communities across the country, most with funding from major donors or foundations. The Knight Foundation alone has funded more than 200 experiments with what it calls a “build to learn” approach.

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