Making Contact seeks pitches on freshwater, healthcare, recession, and more

Hey all. The fab public radio program Making Contact is looking for pitches. They are one of the few shows out there that takes long, sound-rich docs. I'm not sure about their rates so contact them if you have questions. Details below.


Hi there Making Contact reporters, freelancers, and friends,

Our latest call for pitches is below. In the short-term, we’re looking for a quick turnaround story on fresh water in the Eastern United States. We also have a pressing need for reports about health care reform and the impact of the oil industry on local communities. For our ongoing “How We Survive” series, we want recession-related features.


Please send story ideas to  Generally, we look for 7-13 minute sound-rich pieces reported from under-covered areas.

As always, feel free to send us ideas you don’t see on this list. We’ve recently increased our freelance budget, and would really like to hear some voices from around the US, and overseas.  Keep in mind, we occasionally commission full length 29 minute documentaries.

For those new to “Making Contact,” check out our site (
We try to feature voices that aren’t normally heard. Our shows highlight structural problems as well as grassroots solutions.

Thanks, and please forward widely!

Pauline Bartolone & Andrew Stelzer
Making Contact

Freshwater issues in the Eastern US

In light of the UN’s recent vote that clean drinking water is a human right, how are communities in the US working to claim their entire water systems? We already have a story about a movement in Michigan to put freshwater into a public trust. Another segment could be about crumbling water infrastructure in your city or town—how are privately owned vs. publicly owned water systems dealing with it? This piece will need to be finished by August 25th—a two week turnaround, so get your pitches in!

Cleaning up After Big Oil

Months after the explosion on the BP-owned oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, the long-term impact on the coastal way of life is still unknown. For this show we’re looking for stories about how an oil company's presence in a community has changed their way of life. We’re also looking for stories about how to make oil companies accountable.

We Got Health Care Reform. Now what?
Health care reforms are just starting to be implemented, but massive change won’t be seen until 2014. But will these reforms really provide
the change system really needs? And what are people doing now to get the health care they need? We’re particularly interested in stories
about the undocumented.

Seniors in the Recession
In this show, we'll explore how senior citizens are affected by the recession, and what they're doing to maintain quality of life despite
rising costs and fixed incomes. We're particularly interested in the differences in experiences along race, class and gender lines.

Young People and the Recession
Studies show that more than a third of young people in the U.S. have cut back on cigarettes and alcohol because of strapped personal
budgets. Others are "boomeranging" back to their parents place because of a bad job market. We want stories about how young people are
getting creative and becoming active and organized. We invite collaborations with Youth Media initiatives.

We’re also looking for pitches that fit under the following themes:

Rural Areas and the Recession

Access to Mental Health Care and the Recession

Women and the Recession

Send your story ideas to

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