video adjunct position in DC this fall

Not sure we have any DC folks in the group, but spread the word to your peers in the area. Or maybe find an excuse to hang in DC for a semester?


*Adjunct Instructor Videography, Washington, D.C.*

*Four days a week, flexible for 11 weeks, beginning Sept. 20 and ending Dec. 8, 2010 *

*Deadline for Applications: Aug. 18*

The Medill School of Journalism seeks an accomplished video storyteller with experience in public affairs, business or science journalism to teach in the school’s unique program in Washington, D.C. The job is a fulltime, temporary adjunct position.

The successful applicant will be an outstanding visual storyteller with experience in original video production for broadcast and non-broadcast platforms and a strong record of enterprise journalism.

He/she will be able to teach techniques that include, but are not limited to, audio collection, voice coaching, field producing, non-linear editing, creation of news packages and longer-form storytelling for digital platforms.

He/she will work with a range of students who are studying videography/broadcast, and/or specialist reporting in public affairs, business or science/health/environmental journalism.

The position is not a fulltime faculty position. It is an adjunct position for 11 weeks beginning Sept. 20. Schedule has some flexibility.

To apply, please send resume to:

Salome Angrand
Office Manager
Medill News Service
1325 G St. NW, Suite 730
Washington, DC 20005

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