Short-term CWA jobs available now

Hey all. This from the Freelance Media Workers Guild – earn a few extra bucks for journalism-type work. Details below.


CWA is seeking people to do short-term organizing work in San

Francisco — particularly, folks conversant in Tagalog. The work is a
good fit for anyone with journalism skills and offers quite decent

It involves walking around UCSF campuses, finding offices and
departments, locating specific people and collecting their
signatures… If you've done any reporting, much of this will feel
really familiar.

Hours are pretty flexible, so you can work in freelance jobs. Also,
they will give you an orientation and some basic training. Give it a try,
and if it feels comfortable to you, you'll be asked to make a two-week

Questions? Contact John Dugan at

Kind regards,
Rebecca Rosen Lum
Unit Chair, Guild Freelancers

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