new podcast looking for pieces on architecture, urban planning

Interesting opportunity from the Chicago Architecture Foundation – they're starting a podcast and are looking for stories. Pay is decent, content is pretty cool. Details below. -Mia


One Nation Call Outs

The Chicago Architecture Foundation and radio host & producer Edward Lifson are developing and producing an ongoing weekly web and radio broadcast program tentatively titled One Nation, Under Construction. The program is about why the United States man-made environment looks the ways it does, and how that affects a person's life. It will engage people in learning the stories behind the building—conceptual and physical—of America’s spaces, places, and structures. Each week, the show will address a humanities theme through exploration of architecture, infrastructure, urban history, planning, and landscape. We are looking for producers of compelling, passionate audio stories about the built / man-made environment for the following segments:

O Pioneers! Redux? A commissioned story about the following: young people are emptying out of the center of the US. In states such as Nebraska and Kansas, only the very elderly remain as young people seek opportunity elsewhere. How is this different from the pioneer days? A few elderly guests from Nebraska, the Dakotas, Kansas discuss why they’re staying in their homes and how they have witnessed change in the rural US…

Dream House A commissioned story about the following: a family who bought what they thought would be their dream house, but it turned out to be a disaster. The dream house may be on the extreme fringe of the suburbs, in the city, etc. The story will surprise us, make us laugh, and connect humanities-based ideas about sprawl, cities, home.

Mortgage Crisis A commissioned story about the following: many people have recently lost their homes in the mortgage crisis. In this segment a diverse group of people come together to discuss the fantasies and realities of home ownership and how the mortgage crisis has affected them. The group may include: a Mexican-American family, a retired schoolteacher, a real estate agent, a firefighter, etc.

Please send your ideas, your pitches for any or all segments along with a sample of your work.

Each segment will be 4-6 minutes and $400-$600 compensation, dependent on production process.

Send all questions and pitches to Alyssa Kilroy:

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