seeks multimedia reporters and columnists

Hey folks. Multimedia reporting opportunity below from one of our FC members. Check it out!


++++++++++++++++++++++ seeks local multimedia contributors, reporters and columnists in the Danville, Pleasanton and San Ramon areas. Patch is looking for reporters and contributors who can come up with story ideas or might be able to take on breaking news stories. We are also looking for a weekly columnists who have something to say about these communities.

The ideal candidate is a writer based in Danville, Pleasanton, or San Ramon, who is an expert on, and will enjoy writing about the communities.

Some of the topics we’re looking include:

-Local politics


-Shopping and Trends


This is a paid gig, at the rate of $50-$75 per piece, depending on experience (these are for 200-500 words, but we will pay more for longer/more in-depth stories). We are looking for web-savvy writers who will include links to relevant online resources and will jump in and engage with readers who comment on their articles or columns. We’re also willing to consider shorter, blog-style posts several times a week instead of a single 400- to 700-word article/column if the topic lends itself to that approach. We are also open to multimedia pieces, from slideshows to online video, text and photographs.

For consideration, please send relevant writing samples (including links to any online writing or multimedia pieces) and a résumé.

To learn more about Patch, please visit and click on any of the links.

For specific questions, please contact:

Marnette Federis – Pleasanton Patch

Elizabeth Shemaria – Danville Patch

Julie Dowling – San Ramon Patch

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