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91.7 KALW-FM Local Public Radio, SF seeks Blogger-Reporter

Hey all. I don’t usually post full time job opportunities, but there are a lot of friends of KALW on this list so I thought I’d make an exception. Job summary below, more details in the link. -mia


KALW is seeking a first-rate writer and communicator to lead a news web site focused on criminal justice-related issues in the San Francisco Bay Area—specifically focusing on San Francisco and Oakland.

The journalist-blogger leading the site will be charged with building a dedicated online following around coverage of criminal justice policy, police-community relations, how the courts are run, and other topics related to criminal justice. The position requires that you establish yourself as the area’s most authoritative voice on the issue, with a strong local profile and a national reach through NPR and the wider public broadcasting system.

Candidates should have subject-matter expertise and a solid journalistic track record befitting KALW’s reputation as a trusted local news source. Requires a demonstrated ability to cultivate sources, identify important trends in criminal justice and collect and verify information through a variety of online and offline channels. Candidates should be conversant with blogging and social media applications and a variety of multimedia tools. The strongest candidates also will have proven experience developing a successful niche news site, building audience, establishing a social media brand, and stoking community engagement. Candidate must have experience in feature radio production. Minimum five years journalism, including broadcast and online experience required.

KALW’s City Visions Radio in need of a fill-in producer

Hey folks. City Visions Radio (part of KALW) is in need of a fill-in producer. Contact info below and details attached. Best, Mia


Well, we’re in need again as two producers are on maternity leave. We’re looking to bring on at least one more person. If you can help get this word out through your channels, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Brian Moran Senior Producer City Visions Radio www.cityvisionsradio.com 91.7 FM, KALW, San Francisco brian@cityvisionsradio.com Cell: 323-309-8699

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KALW news magazine launch

Hello freelancers. Unfortunately I missed the boat on this one (the launch was yesterday) but I hope you’ll check out the site regardless. KALW is doing some fantastic work in the Bay Area and they are VERY good to freelancers – lots of opportunity there. They are currently looking for community correspondents from various places around the Bay, so check out the below and contact “Zoe Corneli” if you have questions. Best, Mia 845-444-4034 (new cell)


Hi there,

I work with the news team at KALW Public Radio in San Francisco, and we are launching our new local digital news magazine today! I was hoping you could take a few minutes to check it out, and if you so desire, blog or tweet about it or post on Facebook before 7 p.m. tonight. (We’d like to try to coordinate so everyone is talking about it at the same time.)

Here’s a little background:

Since 2003, KALW News has expanded while other news organizations cut back. Now, www.KALWNews.org combines our award-winning news and arts stories with blogs, photos, social media, interactivity, and mapping. We also feature the growing numbers of Bay Area hyper-local journalism outlets for you to check out, as well as a digest of mainstream local news sources. Visitors can submit their own content and use the collaborative “Fixipedia” tool to help generate solutions to issues in the news. The site really aims to capture the essence of what it is to live in the Bay Area. And, to do it better and more comprehensively, we need you! This is public interest media, and your interests matter to us.

If you have a moment to take a look and you like it — or even if you don’t

KALW’s Your Call Producer Job Announcement

Hey folks. KALW is hiring. They’re doing some great work. Info below. -Mia

KALW is seeking a new producer for Your Call. The job announcement is attached, and it’s also posted at http://www.kalw.org/yourcallproducer.html

The application deadline is Wednesday, November 11th, so please take a look today and forward it to your lists or any specific person you think might be interested. And of course, if you think you’d be strong addition to the Your Call team, I welcome your application.



Matt Martin

General Manager

91.7 KALW-FM, San Francisco

(415) 841-4121 x3003


Think globally, listen locally.

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