KDMC Multimedia Storytelling Institute – June 2012

KDMC – one of my favorite resources for multimedia – is expanding their offerings. Do one of their workshops if you can!

Journalism Today Requires That Reporters Have The Flexibility To Tell Stories Across Multiple Platforms

Getting stories to the world demands having the ability to use emerging digital media in an increasingly complex information ecosystem.

The KDMC Multimedia Storytelling Institute is a unique opportunity to learn critical digital skills from industry leaders at the world's premier center for applied digital communications.

Our two-week, June 18-29, 2012, intensive Multimedia Storytelling Institute will help you develop transformative skills to deliver rich multi-platform content for sustainable journalism.

What You Will Learn

  • Strategies for multimedia story planning, production and delivery using mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms,
  • Hands-on field reporting to learn professional video, photo and mobile techniques,
  • Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X for editing visual content,
  • Data storytelling with interactive databases, visualizations and maps,
  • Social Media for reporting, content distribution and community engagement,
  • Each participant takes home an iPad with the complete training curriculum.
  • What Journalists Are Saying About KDMC

    "It was that real-world component that really set it apart. I have many concepts I can bring directly back to the newsroom."- Marisa Kwiatkowski, Digital Storytelling 2012

    "This was an incredible experience. The stuff we learned is all very practical, and I know I can put it all into use immediately in my newsroom (and use it to train others)."-Jennifer Peebles, Multimedia Training 2011

    "I have used the audio editing, soundslides and video skills frequently over the past several months, especially during my time covering the Iran elections in June. I also use a lot of the overall 'big picture' multimedia skills nearly every second that I work. I really feel that the KDMC training gave me the edge needed to succeed in this job. Thank you!"- Anna Johnson, Multimedia Workshop 2009

    To Register or for More Information Contact

    Vicki Hammarstedt
    Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley

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    Sounds, Stories & Springtime – An Audio Retreat in the beautiful Hudson Valley

    Hurray – an audio workshop/retreat in my neck of the woods! Come study the art of sound with two fine producers in their beautiful Hudson Valley home. I'll be on hand for the BBQ on Saturday night and would LOVE to meet some audio-loving FC members. Drop me a line if you have questions, or contact Eileen directly at emcadam@hvc.rr.com.


    Sounds, Stories & Springtime

    An Audio Retreat

    Spend a weekend in the Catskills honing your skills as a sound recordist and storyteller while reinvigorating your creative spirit. Veteran Producers Jim Metzner and Eileen McAdam lead this immersive experience in field recording, listening, and the art of bringing stories to life with sound.

    Limited to eight intermediate producers, the workshop offers personal attention and also leaves time for reflection, community, and learning from each other.

    Friday night includes a special appearance by musician Steve Gorn, and an evening listening excursion to explore the acoustics of a nearby cave. Saturday night is for storytelling and barbeque!

    • Learn to weave a narrative with natural sounds

    • Expand your audio palette

    • Experiment with binaural, stereo and parabolic microphones

    • Crafting a narrative that weaves and contextualizes your sounds.

    About your hosts:

    Jim Metzner has pioneered the use of sound in radio features and multi-media projects. Best known for his award-winning series Pulse of the Planet. His work has been featured in National Geographic Online, All Things Considered, Marketplace, Weekend Edition, the New York Times, and elsewhere.

    Eileen McAdam is the co-founder of the World Sound Foundation and the producer of The Hudson Valley Sound and Story Project, Tales of Two Cities Audio Tour and StoryScape Hudson Valley. She has been a recipient of five major grants

    Dates: May 18 – 20.

    Cost: $450/person. All meals and Saturday night Barbecue included.
    Accommodations: There are local B&B’s throughout the Hudson Valley area. Camping is available at our site.

    Eileen McAdam
    Sound and Story Project 

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    Journeys of Recovery” screens at Rough Cuts on March 20th, SF

    Loving this regular event in SF – screenings of documentary rough cuts. Details below!


    Join us for the 2012 March evening of Rough Cuts

    Tuesday, March 20th, 2011 at
 7:30 p.m.

    $7 admission
    Complimentary drinks and hors d'oeuvres provided
    At Ninth Street Independent Film Center,
    145 Ninth Street, between Mission and Howard, San Francisco

    To attend, please RSVP by noon on Tuesday, March 20th to roughcutsrsvp@yahoo.com

    Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery
    Directed by David L. Brown

    In “Going the Distance: Journeys of Recovery,” four survivors take us inside the experience of traumatic brain injury (TBI): a corporal in the U.S. Marines, African-American Jason Poole, who has suffered massive head injuries in a roadside bomb in Iraq; co-ed Kristen Collins, severely injured in a motorcycle accident while away at college; pre-med student Jay Waller, victim of a savage road-rage beating while on vacation; and six-year old Ian McFarland, survivor of a car crash that left him an orphan.

    Along their paths to recovery, the four protagonists relive the dramatic accidents that almost took their lives; learn how to walk, talk and live again; and face the most daunting challenge of all—reinventing themselves. In the process, they reveal stories of heroism and hope.

    For more information about the evening and Rough Cuts in general, visit http://sfroughcuts.com/nextevent.html

    Rough Cuts
    Rough Cuts is a series of work-in-progress documentary screenings that are produced every other month at various locations throughout San Francisco. For each evening, we screen one rough cut of a long-form documentary and then moderate a conversation about the film. These post-screening discussions are designed to give the filmmaker a better, more objective sense of what is working and not working with his/her film, with particular attention paid to improving the film’s structure and narrative clarity. We hope that the series also provides a welcome space for local filmmakers, film professionals, and fans of documentary film to meet and talk.

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    Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival accepting submissions until March 15

    Deadline is TODAY so it's a little late for this year, but you filmmakers could put this on your list for next… the Mixed Roots Film and Literary Festival. Details below.


    The Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival is still accepting submissions for the 2012 Festival, held this year on June 16 and 17 in Little Tokyo at the Japanese American National Museum. 

    Now in its fifth year, the Mixed Roots festival is seeking submissions of all genres and formats in film, literature and live performance that explore the mixed experience, including but not limited to interracial relationships, transracial and transcultural adoptions and more. Recently we've been highlighted in the New York Times and Ebony magazine. 

    And for those interested in teaching and helping artists grow and hone their skills, the festival is always interested in workshops that assist with the craft of story telling, working with actors, new media, directing, producing and writing for television, film and theatre. We're also interested in what other new ideas you can bring to the table!

    The deadline to apply and submit your work is March 15. You can apply through the website at www.mxroots.org. 

    Lemuel H. Thornton III
    Film Coordinator 

    @mxroots on twitter. 

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    Call for pitches from Making Contact

    Hello friends. Longtime FC member Andrew Stelzer sends the following call for pitches from Making Contact. And just a quick word about rates here. My policy is to pass along any and all opportunities I come across that are available to freelance media producers. The folks at Making Contact are really good people, and they are doing the best they can with limited funds. If you don't like the $, don't pitch! Or better yet, make a story you can sell to multiple outlets.
    My two cents,

    Hi there freelancers!


    We haven’t been too frequent on our calls for pitches—but hopefully that’s a trend we’re turning around…Below are a few topics for shows we’re working on.  Please send us any ideas you have for sound-rich reported pieces.  We pay $250-$300 for a piece ranging from 6-12 minutes—not standard pub radio rates we know, but you get to do a longer piece, which can bring its own satisfaction.  We also are open to altered reversions or previously aired material. 


    We are not really interested in interviews (unless they are amazing), or stories with more than minimal phone tape.  We also are not looking for super time sensitive stories because of our production schedule.  Think not ‘what’s happening this week’, but maybe ‘what’s happening this season,’ or ‘this year’—we step back, take a bigger look at issues and how the relate to larger trends.


    If you are not familiar with our program, please surf around our site a bit and check out the pitching guidelines:



    In particular, note this:

    Does the story:

    -Link grassroots issues and human realities to national or international trends?

    -Give listeners a historical, political, or social context of major national and international events?

    -Shed light on social and economic inequities?

    -Explore any alternatives or solutions?


    Please submit story ideas to pitches@radioproject.org


    Let us know what the story is about, who the voices will be, and if there is a time/date peg.




    Andrew Stelzer


    Making Contact



    1. Prison Guard Unions


    At least one piece for this show will come from California, where the Prison Guards union has tremendous strength.  But we also want stories from other parts of the country.  How do these unions affect public policy around drug laws, sentencing laws, prison expansion and other spending priorities?  How about their campaign contributions?  Local stories that connect to the national picture are ideal.



    2. Coal:

    The U.S. is a world leader in both the production and consumption of coal. From mountaintop removal to clean coal technology, the increased demand for energy continues to drive new gimmicks to extract this fossil fuel, regardless of the impacts to our health and environment. We want segments that delve deeply in this industry, the ramifications on communities and how activists are responding.


    3. Population Justice:

    A new movement called “population justice” has emerged recently, which intersects the work of reproductive and environmental justice activists. We seek segments that show what activists are doing to combine these two historically independent movements to advance the needs of both women and the environment. One idea could be about local communities enacting family planning services and how that shapes a woman’s decision to have children, and the impacts on the environment.  


    4. Freshwater:

    We are especially looking for stories from the Eastern United States (this particular show must all be US stories, not international).

    We want to examine both problems and solutions.  Some angles we are particularly interested in are:

    Hydrofracking (not the basics-we’ve covered that previously, but maybe zeroing in on a particular local struggle or evolving angle of the national situation)
    the intersection between fresh water and energy—consumption and pollution of water by both ‘dirty’ and ‘renewable’ energy sources  

     -the intersection between drinking water and food.

     -water infrastructure

    Drinking water contaminants and citizen action to clean up our act:


    5.   We also are open to segment ideas related to the 2012 election—both the conventions and the election itself.  We haven’t determined any particular show topics yet, but think big picture, not horse-race or ‘news of the week’: Voting rights, militarization of the convention cities, redistricting, how Occupy interfaces with the election?


    Again, send your story ideas to pitches@radioproject.org

    Making Contact


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    Freelance opportunity for CA health journalists at KQED Public Radio

    Hey folks. My friends at KQED are looking for freelance health bloggers. Details below!



    Freelance Blogger; State of Health blog; KQED News. Location: California.

    Position Summary: Experienced journalists needed to pitch, conceptualize, research and write 400 to 700-word blog posts about health topics and issues in California. Of particular interest are writers who have experience reporting about health issues in their city or county. State of Health has special interest in public health and health policy stories. The expectation is that most stories will be covered by phone or be local to the blogger’s home. On occasion, stories may be assigned by the State of Health editor. Since the position is freelance, we are interested in writers who can post one to four times per month, although we cannot guarantee frequency.

    Please visit kqed.org/stateofhealth to grasp the style and content of the blog.

    Essential Functions:

    ·        Strong writing skills in a conversational voice.

    ·        Experience reporting on health in California.

    ·        Experience writing for blogs is a plus.

    ·        Experience in radio reporting, especially public radio, is preferred, but not required.

    To Apply:

      Please submit cover letter, resume and three writing samples (ideally blog posts or short newspaper articles) to: stateofhealth@kqed.org. Write “Freelance Application: State of Health” in the subject line of the email.

    doc iconBloggerJobDescription_KQEDhealth.docx

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    Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Awards 2012 is now open for submissions, deadline May 11

    This one is new to me – awards for African radio broadcasters working towards peace. Details below.


    The competition for the Radio for Peacebuilding Africa Awards 2012 is
    now open for submissions!

    The RFPA Awards recognise the best radio programmes that contribute to
    peace in Africa. The RFPA Awards particularly celebrate radio
    programmes that help to reduce group and community tensions, enhance
    and give value to shared interests, break down listener stereotypes,
    or provide positive role models.

    The 2012 Awards are open to all African radio broadcasters, both men
    and women. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
    •    RFPA Gender Award;
    •    RFPA Youth Award; and
    •    RFPA Jury’s Special Award.
    Three prizes will be awarded in each category. The first prize is 600
    Euros, the second 300 Euros, and the third 150 Euros. The winning
    recipients will be honoured at an award ceremony.

    Specific entry requirements include:
    •    Programmes can be in any language spoken on the African
    continent, but must be accompanied by a translation in either English
    or French.
    •    Programmes must be a minimum of 20 minutes in duration.
    •    Radio programmes must have been broadcast between January 1 and
    December 31, 2011.
    •    Participants can submit more than one entry, but each must be
    sent as a discrete submission.

    Each entry must include a complete entry form, a copy of the radio
    programme, and a translation if necessary. Submissions can be
    submitted electronically to rfpa@sfcg.org or by mail to any SFCG
    Africa Country Office (list available at
    http://www.sfcg.org/sfcg/sfcg_world.html) or SFCG’s Brussels Office.

    All entries must be received by midnight GMT, May 11, 2012.

    Previous winning entries are available for listening and download from
    the audio section of our website www.radiopeaceafrica.org
    For more information and to apply, contact the RFPA Team: rfpa@sfcg.org

    We wish good luck to all the participants and we look forward to
    listening to your radio programmes!

    The RFPA Team

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    Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism, deadline April 20

    Get rewarded for your good works about children, youth, and families: The Casey Medals deadline is April 20. Details below.

    Did you write, report, produce, shoot, or create a powerful piece of journalism/media in 2011 about the lives of children, youth and families in the U.S.? If so, you should submit this work to the 2012 Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism, a project of the Journalism Center on Children & Families, funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Think back to last year. Did you hear, see, watch or read something about young people or parents that got under your skin and stayed there? Please tell the maker to apply for a Casey Medal. Winners in a dozen categories are awarded $1000 at a ceremony in D.C. in October and will also be considered for $5000 prizes from America's Promise Alliance. Check out the application and guidelines at www. journalismcenter.org. New this year: Youth Media category.
    Thanks for helping to spread this good news.

    1100 Knight Hall

    College Park, MD 20742


    @JCCFNews @JDriz  

    Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism honor exemplary reporting on disadvantaged children, youth and families. 
    Application deadline: April 20, 2012.

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    Radio Cabaret, March 17, 7:30pm, NYC

    Super cool radio/performance event at Union Docs in Brooklyn, March 17. Details below!


    A bunch of us in New York have gotten together to experiment with bringing the medium of radio into three dimensional space.  We're not talking about playing radio pieces for an audience or hosting a live show – though that can be nice – but instead we are fusing our audio documentary work with performance, melding mediums to create a hybrid form.  On Saturday March 17th, we are presenting our work at Union Docs in Brooklyn.  


    WHERE: Union Docs, 322 Union Ave. Brooklyn NY

    WHEN: March 17th, 7:30-8:30pm with green beers to follow

    WHO: Kaitlin Prest, Sharon Mashihi, Audrey Quinn, Brendan Baker, Rachel James and Laura Mayer.

    If you are local, we'd love to see you there.  And please do come up and say hello. 

    We plan to have future Radio Cabarets so if this peaks your interest, do write to us at: radio.cabaret.nyc@gmail.com.

    And please RSVP at our Facebook page!


    The Radio Cab Crew

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    20th Raindance Film Festival call for submissions, deadline May 6

    British Film Festival encourages first-time directors. More info here: http://www.raindance.co.uk/site/festival



    Submit Your FilmRules and Regulations

    The 20th Raindance Film Festival will take place in London from 26 September to 7 October 2012. The festival aims to reflect the cultural, visual and narrative diversity of the international independent filmmaking community and specialises in films by first-time directors. Raindance accepts fictional, documentary and experimental features, short films, music videos and children’s films.

    Submit Your Film Through Withoutabox

    Submission Deadline

    Submissions will be accepted from 1 November 2011. 
    The regular deadline is 6 May 2012. 
    The late deadline is 10 June 2012. 
    There is an extended Withoutabox-only deadline of 24 June 2012.

    Submission Format

    Films must be submitted on DVD only. The title, screening format and running time must be clearly labelled on the cover. Submitted copies will not be returned.

    Submission Eligibility

    – All submissions must have been completed after 1 June 2011.
    – Films must not have been released in the UK on any format.
    – Films must not have been screened on the internet, television, cable any other media in the UK.

    – Raindance requires at least a UK premiere for any feature film it screens, and London premiere for any short.
    – Submission packages must include a preview copy, a completed 20th Raindance Festival Submission Form, the correct submission fee and a 50 word synopsis.

    – All films in a language other than English must be subtitled in English.
    – Exploitation or grossly indecent genres are not eligible.

    Submission Fee

    Early deadline (6 May 2012):
    •    Shorts (up to 45 minutes long) – £20
    •    Features (45 minutes +) – £50
    Late deadline (10 June 2012):
    •    Shorts (up to 45 minutes long) – £25
    •    Features (45 minutes +) – £75

    Extended Withoutabox-only deadline (24 June 2012):
    •    Shorts (up to 45 minutes long) – £35
    •    Features (45 minutes +) – £100

    The submission fee is not refundable

    Payments not made through Withoutabox must be made in Pounds Sterling. Raindance is unable to accept payment in any other currency. Submission fees must be paid by cheque from a UK bank, international money order, Pounds Sterling travellers cheques or by VISA, Mastercard or Switch. Please make cheques payable to ‘Raindance Limited’.


    Submissions should be sent to:
    Festival Submissions
    Raindance Film Festival
    6-7 Little Russell Street
    London WC1A 2HR 
    United Kingdom

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