tape sync in La Jolla TOMORROW (Wednesday) 4pm

Hey folks. Sorry for the short notice… are any of you in southern CA (or know someone in southern, CA) who might be available for this tape sync tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4pm? This is for Antenna Audio. Drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with the producer. Thanks! -Mia


We are looking for someone to go to a swanky resort in La Jolla, California – north of San Diego – to record a car collector on Wednesday – THIS Wednesday – at 4 p.m. Allison will call in at 4:30 once the person is all set up, and the car guy will read some scripted text. It should take about 30 minutes maximum. I’m sure anyone’s rate will be an hour minimum and probably transportation.

Do you have anyone in that neighborhood? It’s an emergency – I have no one, we’re on deadline, and this fellow is very hard to track down and record.

Thanks for any leads or help.

Best, Kate

Kate Rothrock Creative Director, US Antenna Audio Inc. P.O. Box 176 Sausalito, CA 94966 PHONE: 415-332-4862, ext. 120 FAX: 415-332-5886

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