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doc screening March 10, 5:30pm AND singer/songwriter speakeasy March 12, 7:30pm

Hey all. First, thank you so much for the great turnout last week! I, for one, had a blast and I’m so glad there are other local freelancers who are game to get out and hang once in awhile. Second, a couple of the folks who came out last week have events coming up this week so I thought I’d pass along the info. Details below. Best, Mia PS: Our next gathering will be Thursday, March 25 at 7:30pm, Black Swan, Tivoli. Spread the word and hope to see you there!

FULL SIGNAL in the Hudson Valley Where: SUNY Dutchess, Poughkeepsie. When: Wednesday, March 10 Film screening: 5:30 p.m. Who: Open Invitation. Q&A with the director. Contact: Talal Jabari director@fullsignalmovie.com Phone: (302) 565-4948 Fax: (302) 565-4376

The Singer Songwriter Speakeasy http://www.facebook.com/ana.sanjuan3?v=app_2344061033&ref=profile#%21/event.php?eid=344878280745&index=1 *Friday March 12, 2010 @ 7:30pm* @ http://www.communitymusicspace.com/*The Community Music Space * located in THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY 54 Elizabeth Street, Red Hook , NY 12571 Get the MAP 845.444.0607 B en@CommunityMusicSpace.com


FULL SIGNAL, a controversial film providing insight into the reality of the health impact of cellular technology, and the rich industry behind it is coming to the Hudson Valley this March.

FULL SIGNAL, a multi-Award winning documentary, aims to elevate the voices, stories and successes of those fighting to regulate cell antenna placement, as well as to inform the general public about the real dangers potentially affecting every human being. FULL SIGNAL hears from Dr. David Carpenter, Professor Olle Johansson, Professor Leif Salford, Dr. Zamir Shalita, B. Blake Levitt and Dr. Louis Slesin; world-renowned health professionals and experts on cellular radiation in the United States, Europe and the Middle East on the reality of their findings as well as those of their peers. The science is brought to life through simple-yet-catchy 2D/3D hybrid motion graphics animation and is brought home through the stories of Rigmor Granlund-Lind, a sufferer of a condition known as ElectroHyperSensitivity, Sue and Michael Scott a husband and wife who bought an apartment in New York where the cellular radiation readings are very high, and Samira Azzam, a woman whose neighborhood was crowded with 70 cellular towers, and who suffered from cancer as a result. They talk about their experiences, but also about the fact that they are not the only ones to battle illnesses related to cellular technologies.

FULL SIGNAL talks to Evie Hantzopoulos, Leonore Gordon, Shimona Tzukernik, Suleiman Abu Rukun, two stories of success and two of failure in individuals trying to take on the cellular industry; and to Whitney North Seymour, Jr, a former NY State Senator and Independent Counsel, and Gabriel north Seymour, a Constitutional and environmental lawyer about their attempts to challenge the FCC in the Nationʼs Supreme Court.

FULL SIGNAL is being launched at a time when awareness of the dangers of extensive usage of cellular phones is continuously growing, however the knowledge of the health impacts of cell phone antennas remains somewhat elusive. FULL SIGNAL is the first film to connect the dots between cell phones and cell towers revealing a catch-22 scenario that over 3.5 billion people are gambling their health on daily.

The FULL SIGNAL documentary is complemented by an interactive component, at www. FULLSIGNALMOVIE.com, and multiple screening events planned for the general public in major cities across the country and around the globe throughout 2009-2010. For more information about FULL SIGNAL and to find a screening event near you, visit www.FULLSIGNALMOVIE.com.

Ana Sanjuan & Ben Senterfit cordially invite you to:

The Singer Songwriter Speakeasy http://www.facebook.com/ana.sanjuan3?v=app_2344061033&ref=profile#%21/event.php?eid=344878280745&index=1 @ The Community Music Space

*Friday March 12, 2010 @ 7:30pm*

Featuring outstanding singer songwriters

*Ben Senterfit**, *Red Hook *Steven Michael Pague,** *Claverack *Erin Hobson**, *Rhinebeck *Todd Guidice,** *Newburgh

Enjoy a night of exceptional music in an intimate listening room. * * *BRING A FRIEND. BRING YOUR BEVERAGE. * Speakeasy style.

*The Community Music Space http://www.communitymusicspace.com/* located in THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY 54 Elizabeth Street, Red Hook , NY 12571 Get the MAP

845.444.0607 B en@CommunityMusicSpace.com