BBC Cultural Frontline – Request for Feature Ideas from Asia, Africa and Latin America

The Cultural Frontline seeks international pitches. Details below!





The Cultural Frontline team is looking for great ideas for features from radio producers around the world.


Who are we?


The Cultural Frontline is a topical arts and culture programme, dedicated to seeing the world through the eyes of creative minds – we look at how art and culture address the biggest social, cultural, political issues we face. It’s presented by Tina Daheley on BBC World Service English.


What are we looking for?


We are looking for ideas for short radio features approximately 7’00 featuring Asian, African and Latin American artists of all types – writers, musicians, filmmakers, poets, designers, all cultural practitioners welcome.


We also welcome ideas from the rest of the world but our focus at present is on generating new ideas from Asia, Africa and Latin America.


In particular we are looking for stories of artists whose work as a bigger social, cultural or political impact or whose work is tackling a major issue faced by society today such as immigration, climate change, inequality, and discrimination.


Here is a link to our programme for further details:


If you would like to send us your pitches please email us at:




The Cultural Frontline team

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