Sonic South 2019 audio competition, deadline Feb 8

Passing on the following note from the Southern Oral History Program. Sounds fun!



Hello Friends,

The Southern Oral History Program (SOHP), housed at the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, invites artists, composers, audio/radio producers, writers, and community members to use our interviews to create new and thought-provoking short-form audio documentaries, sound art, sonic experiments, and aural landscapes. 

Producers are encouraged to think creatively about format, structure, and style. Since 1973, the SOHP has recorded interviews with southerners from mill workers to civil rights leaders to future presidents, which are available digitally through the Southern Historical Collection at Wilson Library.

For our 2019 Sonic South audio competition, In Sickness & In Health, we’re highlighting SOHP’s major research project, Stories to Save Lives. Producers will choose from interviews with Southerners about health, illness, and medical care in their own lives, in their families and in their communities. Your creativity can help us illuminate the power of these stories.

The top five finalists will have their work shared at a live listening room in April 2019 at the CURRENT Theater in Chapel Hill, NC. Two prizes will be awarded: the Sonic South prize, and the Audience Choice award.

There are three rules for this competition. 

Final work must:

  1. Be no longer than three minutes in length
  2. Incorporate themes of health, illness, or medical care in the American South
  3. Use at least two different voices from this curated collection of 15 SOHP interviews.

Entries are due on Friday, February 8, 2019 by midnight EST.

For more information about the competition, the rules, and how to submit, please visit the Sonic South website.

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